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Weed and Lifting?


I spoke with an old friend of mine and I told him about this site as we used to lift together back in highschool ('87). He said he smokes weed before he lifts and it gives him intense concentration and a great pump due to the vasodialtion effect of the drug. Has anyone else heard of stoner lifters?

Legalizing Weed

ever heard of a search?


yes, i have and the past questions and reponses were lame


I don't knwo about the vasodialation per se but...

I'd just be plain afraid of dropping a weight on something important (like my head). Lifting high... doesn't sound like a good idea to me. You're more likely to take a stupid risk, like going for a new PR way over what you can handle. You might end up doing some dynamic negatives XD


Honestly? From an awareness / reaction / mental POV, I can't see this being any better than driving under the influence. Heavy machinery is heavy machinery.

Can't comment on the vascular benefits (if any). Sounds like a bad idea in general to me.


This could be one of those commercials where they show kids smoking and then doing something stupid.
Like a kid in a hospital bed:
"I thought it would be cool to smoke a joint and try a new PR in my squat. But boy was I wrong, I have learned my lesson. Never again will I smoke."


Look, it's a bad idea. You might think it helps, but i'm 100% certain that is doesn't.

Get psyched up, hit some caffeine, hit some protein, smash some weights. Not a headspace getting stoned lends itself to.

If you must, spark on up afterwards and go raid a buffet but getting stoned is good to 1) play computer games 2) watch movies and 3) eat stuff. Not for lifting weights.


I don't think it's a big deal to lift while high. If you're an experienced smoker and it's just a light buzz, you'll be fine if you know what you're doing. If some people claim it gives them a better focus when lifting, who are we to disagree?

Personally, I won't smoke weed and work out... but if someone prefers to do it, although strange, we're in no position to tell them what is better or worse for their own concentration/focus.


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Hahaha, bingo.


too bad I fucked myself twice with the shit.

Laws gotta change..


Hahahaha, no shit!


I've lifted high and found that my concentration was lacking. I wouldn't recommend it.


I highly recommend smoking pot before lifting, hell before doing anything for that matter!

After all, who needs brain cells?


It kills your hormone levels and therefore at best will cut your gains in half.


Yeah, pretty much. I've done it before and it's about the same except I think I get slightly lazier.

That said, to the OP: Try it, just don't try to do any PR's. If you like it, do it, if not, don't.


I can't believe people still believe this shit. Care to elaborate on how a chemical that stimulates receptors DESIGNED to respond to endogenous neurotransmitters (cannabinoids) causes the death of brain cells?


Oh I'm sorry, I mistook the death of brain cells for lung cancer, thats a much better way to go.

Oh and by the way, have you ever spoken with someone who has been smoking pot for a long period of time (aka, a few years) They arnt exactly the most intelligent people in the world. Much less a productive member of society.


Wow, nothing but stereotypes.


Show me a chronic pot smoker (someone who does it on a regular basis, not every now and then or a few times in the past) who is doing anything to better society. Because in all honesty every chronic smoker I have met in my life time has been for lack of better words lazy.