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Weed and gbl

I’m curious, what does weed feel like compared to gbl? And does it have sleep inducing effects at all?

In my opinion, weed feels nothing like gbl or ghb or 1,4 butanediol. Ghb and friends feel much better, but are more dangerous. Weed always made me tired, lazy, and much less talkative.

They both have different modes of action. GBL will convert to GHB in the stomach by a reversible reaction with acid and also in the liver. GHB is known to inhibit release of norepinephrine and dopamine but still allows dopamine to be formed. Opiate-like compounds are also released during this time. When the effects of GHB subside all the stored dopamine will be released which is what causes the abrupt awakening 3-4 hours later that most people experience. The effects are similar to alcohol and it is interesting to note that, unlike alcohol, most of the subject’s coherent thought is retained. It also has been noted as a powerful libido inducer even in the medical community. I have experienced this phenomenon and can tell you that it seems to be more pronounced in women. I don’t know if there is any scientific basis behind this but it is just my observation. It is what I would call a “clean” drug as it leaves no lasting metabolites, converting to water and carbon dioxide, and does not damage any tissues. Your body naturally produces GHB in massive quantities in the presence of severe oxygen deprivation acting as a protectant for the brain. Lethal dosages are way too high to be consumed just as THC and the possibility of death is virtually nil unless combined with other depressants. Though I can’t make a comparison, I have talked to many people that enjoy the effects of GHB/GBL over cannabis.