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Wednesday PT with DJ


Yup, back for more.

With my new work, it is sure nice to see the "proof" of my beliefs...

So, how can I make a difference?


Nope, sorry. I can't seem to think of anything right now. Anything we can help you with? :slight_smile:


Sure, here you go:

Shoot. I forget.


Coach John,

At my first Oly meet (a couple days ago) I missed two snatch attempts because I cut the pull short, failing to extend my hips all the way and dropping under the bar early. My pull was strong enough, and my overhead strength was there, but the bar just ended up to far forward because I didn't finish the second pull. Part of this is just nervousness from being on the platform on the first time - no problem there. But this is how I've missed whenever I miss in practice, too, so I want to focus on this problem and fix it.

Are there any drills that you would recommend for enforcing the habit of going through with the second pull? I was thinking of doing light snatches - squat, power, hang, whatever - with an emphasis on grazing the bar with my hips.

Best snatch 165, 160 in competition.


Randomizer question:
Can you elaborate on the Litvinov Workout?


thanks Coach for that ... now, the hard part, getting chains in and out of 24 hr fatness. :wink:

interesting about fitting in. i can and do. i'm easy going and like all kinds of stuff and people ... just not much or many for long. i get irritated and realize that, while i can fit in, i don't really like to.

another thing - as much as i like weights in the gym, i am evolving towards less gym time, maybe plus a kb day, a couple of outdoor days with the strongman stuff, tires, farmers bars and all of your walks, bodyweight stuff, some sprints ... getting there. need some more toys/tools. when i find the perfect program, i'll let you know ;]

so, do you want anything from california? maybe some almonds? perhaps my tax bill?

thanks again,



Wait 30 years and lift with the Masters. Most of those guys have lost their flexibility and just do the power versions. Just kidding. I have the same problem with the clean. Funny thing is that if I do a split clean, I can time the split perfectly. Snatching is easier with a squat, although my best "squat" snatch is still above parallel, partly due to lack of flexibility, partly due to not having trained the OHS, and partly due to fear. Oh well - guess I'll just have to pull high and take what I can get in the squat under.


Wait, wasn't that me? I always do the same thing.

Hi, I'm Danny and I rarely finish my pull.


Try the Drill.

Power Snatch to an Overhead Squat, without putting the bar down, a Hang Snatch...Overhead Squat if you must, bar barely touches the ground, Squat Snatch. That is one, do eight of 'em.

Helped me...


Well, I could use a favor.
It seems I left my heart in San Francisco. The only thing I remember is that it was high on a hill...it calls to me.

Naaaaaa, once they kicked me out, I stayed out.


Sergei Litvinov, Soviet hammer thrower, used to do Front Squats followed by fast sprints (up to 400 meters). To ruin your day, I once heard that he did 8 FS with 405ish then ran a 75 second 400 meters...for three sets.

So, Litvinovs are when you do a lift followed by a sprint of some kind. Litvisleds are when you hook up to a sled, do a lift (outdoors...don't be crazy) and sled away after you drop the bar...


Ross, don't listen to him.

That's good advice and I could lose my job here...


Would the Bugarian Twist Program work here?



Everywhere! It is a great program.

Hey, I wrote it...


Really, I didn't know you could write.
Call your sister


What, zero tolerance for young 'uns here? :wink:

I'll tell you, though: I have serious respect for you older guys doing the lifts. In the C+J, I pulled 100 kilos to about my belly button or so, just high enough to get under it and squat the bastard up. The guy who followed me pulled 105 or 110 kilos about a foot higher - high enough to catch it in a high split clean. All that at 59 years old and pretty much entirely lacking a rotator cuff. I don't ever want to suffer an injury like that, but I have to admire coming back from it.

But a serious question: Do you really HAVE to accept loss of flexibility as you get older if you keep practicing the full lifts? What, if anything, takes old oly lifters out of the game?


hey Dan- me and Becca want to stalk you for a minute. Call at 800-519-2492-Jules


No. I don't agree at all with that. Zero.

Here is the deal. We know that much of flexibility is simply training the nervous system to ignore itself and let you go farther. So, I think that much of it is that built in "I'm a geezer" bullshit that ruins most people.

I discovered...interesting point here...that my meet flexibilty had become awful because...

My feet keep growing. My lifting boots are a full size too small now. So, at meets as the day goes on...I get feet issues...the foot bone is connected to the...

I wish other stuff kept growing besides the nose, ears and feet...


Coach I have the same issues with the squat snatch as Mike - my best "squat" snatch is still above parallel, partly due to lack of flexibility(a big problem I have as a goal to improve), partly due to not having trained the OHS, and partly due to fear. I have been doing the drill you describe of power snatch, hang snatch, followed by squat snatch.
But, I do them with an aerobic step behind me like a box squat that is set at the bottom position of my squat (a few inches below parallel. This is as a squat/psychological crutch. I squat down on the OHS to just touch and come up and on the squat snatch, I try to get down to it, but usually not making it, but then I OHS down to it.
The question is am I doing more harm then good by doing this??


I just saw an article about that...Bigger Faster STronger, maybe? Well, I think that anything that leads you closer to your goal is good. Really, I do. So, if you have to, let's use the word loosely, "cheat" to convince yourself to get down...I'm all for it.

Like Frank Sinatra said to me one night in Reno: "Whatever gets you through the night, kid."

He couldn't squat deep either...but don't make a big deal about it.



I've just started doing this drill last week and believe me it makes you do correct form otherwise you lose it halfway through the drill! The hardest part I find is getting into the squat position with the hang snatch.

My second attempt at this drill is tonight, hopefully things will go more smoothly.



PS It is much easier doing this sort of drill with cleans. When I did hang cleans two days later I found them much easier after doing the drill.