Wednesday on Prime Time T-Nation

Tonight on Prime Time T-Nation from 7PM to 10PM EST, strength coaches Chad Waterbury, Eric Cressey, and Dan John, along with sports doctor Ryan Smith.


Is Prime Time a Webanar or something that can be listened in on? Can you provide a link please. I would like to participate.


Prime Time is sort of a “live chat,” but using the forum. Each of the guys listed will start a thread where you can post questions and get answers. They monitor those threads for the shown period or so.

It’s a good opportunity to ask questions about a routine of their’s or some article that they’ve posted in the past.

Thanks for posting that, Lost_Dog, I was just about to respond with the same answer.

The only thing I’d like to add is that Prime Time is Monday through Thursday from 7-10 PM EST.

Where has Lonnie Lowery been at? I hope he will still do this Prime Time thing. He is the coolest Doctor around.

-Get Lifted