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Wednesday on Prime Time T-Nation


Tonight on Prime Time T-Nation from 7PM to 10PM EST, strength coaches Chad Waterbury, Christian Thibaudeau, and Mike Robertson. Dave Tate joins the cast of "Riverdance" on stage.


I'll be here too guys...


Does that mean Charles Staley will also be dancing? Sweet!


Every time you're on I can't help but notice that you don't have a space in your name.

Does anyone else notice this?!


I've been waiting 6 years for someone to notice this, thank God someone finally has. Is there a mod who can fix that for me?


Give this a shot:

Go to Customize > Save Edit Profile

Then add the proper space and retype your passwords into the boxes.

Make sure you are using something like IE and not FireFox as IE generally gets the job done better for profile stuff.


Thanks Mod Zilla...I think I only expended 2.4 calories doing that and it worked!


I noticed it, just thought it was Charles' way of being different!

Looking forward to the conference call August 3rd!

Stay strong


It's a miracle!

Maybe I can get my own spot in the Prime Time Box.


Sure, why not?

How can I burn more calories posting to T-Nation? Weighted keyboard? Heavy gloves?

I would really like to build my fingerceps.


I really find that typing with the keyboard on a swiss ball while standing on a swiss ball really hits the hands well.

Do this with some interval typing sprints say.... 2 min at 160 words p/ minute and then a 3 minute recovery at 50 words p/ minute.

AIM can be a good source of active recovery but be wary of overtraining.


I disagree, for keyboard fingers it's pure volume. The fingertips are very slow twitch and you can pound on them almost the entire day, on a keyboard at least, without fatigue...


I think I found the right exercise.