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Wednesday on Prime Time T-Nation

Tonight on Prime Time T-Nation, from 7PM to 10PM, EST, strength coaches Christian Thibaudeau, Chad Waterbury, and Mike Robertson. Also, sports doctor Ryan Smith, nutritionist Dave Barr, actors Jessica Alba and David Hasselhof, and man who claims he can slice a banana in half with his urine stream from 5 yards away.

Cool lineup as always…

No offense intended to anyone (I respect all contributors to T-mag), But…

I keep hoping for an appearance from Dr. Berardi.

Any chance of that happening?


Maybe JB doesn’t feel like he is Prime Time material.

Last I checked he wasn’t too proud of his singing career.

I suppose he might have some nutrition info to share, but we wouldn’t know either way until he steps up.

JB: we’re callin’ you out.

I’ll be on Prime Time tomorrow (Thurs) instead of this evening.

TC, my agent said you’d be supplying the bananas?

[quote]Chad Waterbury wrote:
I’ll be on Prime Time tomorrow (Thurs) instead of this evening. [/quote]

Ah hell, I’ll be on both nights, just for fun!

so, i have this ‘problem’, albeit deformity, where my right pec is, umm, fatter than my left pec… in truth, they’re not pecs at all, more like that combo a fat man has, who’s gained a bit of meat underneath all the lard…

the lower area of the right ‘pec’ kinda sticks out (more than the left). and i’ve got rotator cuff probs (which I’m working on)…

sooo… errr, any suggestions other than liposuction and shytz?