Wednesday on Prime Time T-Nation

Strength coaches Christian Thibaudeau and Mike Robertson. Also, Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il, Jack O’Leary (world record holder for hiccups) and dancing troupe of mullahs from Iran.

I’m lovin’ the guest lists! Now, how long before you repeat or stall …

I’m guessing that as long as there is daily news, TC will have no problem coming up with names.

I might as well announce that Caroline Marcil will be singing the national anthem to kick us off tonight (Do a Google search of her name and national anthem and see if you can find the video clip. Priceless.)

Oh yea, I will be on for awhile as well.

Great, I’ve got some questions I’ve been meaning to ask Kim Jong Il!

My main question for Kim?

“Wassap with the HAIR, Brother???”



the better question is what’s the deal with the heel’s he wears?