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Wedding Soon: Problem


could be worse, but my fiance got an email from one of her bridesmaids today. Saying that she won't be in the wedding party any more, because she feels that she's not playing any role in it all.
Feels that my fiance hasn't been a good friend over the last several months because they don't hang out as often as they used to. We've been pretty busy on the weekends either with wedding stuff, traveling or family stuff.
They hang out occasionally.

This girl has always been the one crying about how she's not happy with her work, with her weight, or the fact that she doesn't have a BF. And how when we do invite her out with other couples she doesn't want to be the odd person out. It's not like we haven't tried.

We are about 5 weeks away from the wedding and short on a bridesmaid, apparently it's too late to get another girl fitted for a dress (which I doubt, but whatever).

Anyone care to comment or share their wedding problem stories


I got no stories, but I could be a bridemaid.

Everyone wants to feel pretty.


Tell her friend to grow the fuck up.

If you really need to, you could find another bridesmaid or just go without her - what does it matter?


sorry but the only thing i could think of would be to call that other girl a CUNT


You're still a whore.


Srscat, tell her to act her fucking age. What is she 12? Tell her to grow some testi's , man up, grow a mustache, bang me, then go to the wedding.


Yeah, we'll probably have one of the bridesmaids walk with 2 guys down the aisle.

I mean, I've seen in the past girls get catty with each other, then a month later they're friends again. But, to miss out on your friends wedding for something like this isn't something most people would get over.
My fiance is too nice of a person so I'm sure down the line they could still be friends, but we'll see.


The bitch is a whiner and this sounds like her wanting some more attention.

You and your lady should just kiss her ass until she finally feels important for once in her life, get hitched and tell her to sod off.


Here is all I got when it comes to weddings.

1) Tell your wife how awesome of a job she is doing planning it, like 4,582 times a day. And add 32 times a dad for each day closer to the actual date.

2) When you are in your room getting ready, no amount of booze will get you drunk. You will feel like superman. Once you say "I do" the adrenalin wears off and you will be hammered.

3) Don't be hammered. I said "fuck" "motherfucker" and "what a fucking douchebag" in front of my bosses wife. There are pictures of me dancing on tables, and grinding on the dance floor with my buddies. I told my buddy to cover up his wife's tits because my grandfather was staring at them, in front of my inlaws. And I actually danced with my mother-in-law. So bad dude, so bad...

4) When it comes time for pictures, LOCK EVERYONE IN THE SAME ROOM AND GET THAT SHIT OVER WITH. And don't let your shitty photographer take the only good picture of you and the best men against a wall. The shadow makes it look like you have mullets. Which isn't cool.

5) Hope you invited ZERO people from work.

6) Try and go around to table while people are eating, this saves the bullshit of having to do it later.

7) The cake has a ribbon around it, remember this when you go to cut and serve.

8) You will be exhausted & trashed after, expect shitty if any sex your wedding night. Just sleep and get some good morning action going on.

9) Don't help take out the 3,000,000 pins in your wife's hair. You will be drunk and be pulling out more than just pins.

10) Tell you wife how great of a job she is doing planing the wedding


Have your wife just call her up and say that she is the one getting married and if her friend doesn't want to be a part of that, then she isn't wanted.

This chick wants her ass to be kissed and coddled, but the simple fact is that it's your wedding and this friend should be honored to have even been asked. Good riddance to dead weight. I would make it clear to avoid future drama with this attention whore, that it is her walking away.


We need photos from your wedding, sounds like you have some great stories to share.


But I'm a pretty whore.


that's awesome. My fiance had a few laughs too


Yeah man, good times.

Pretty sure all the evidence of me being an assface was destroyed though.


countingbeans, mabe so, and in this day and age there's aways some pic or footage that will pop up when your


X2. The wedding is the bride's special day (the groom just wants to get it over with). Hopefully the girl is just PMSing or something, but if she's serious, she needs to be replaced.


Refer to pic.