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Wedding Gifts?

Can anyone give me some ideas on what to get a friend for a wedding gift?

I’ve been invited to a friends wedding this summer and I’d like to get him a decent gift. I know the bride and groom have registered at a couple places, but I always felt that the man gets kinda screwed when it comes to wedding gifts off the registry since most of it tends to be housewares, and especially since (in most cases) the bride does 90% of the registering.

He is an avid outdoorsman, i.e. hunting, camping, fishing, etc… but he already has all the gear he needs for those activities. I’d like to avoid the tacky stuff like a money clip, engraved flask, “beer of the month club” etc…

So I was just wondering if you guys could give me some ideas of gifts you received or have bought for people in the past.

Thank you in advance,
Allan H.

If I was spending 10+ grand on a wedding, all I’d want as a gift is money.

The wedding I went to recently, I knew my friend liked margaritas a lot (though, appallingly, he makes them with margarita mix instead of lime juice), and so got them a boxed special-edition sort of thing Cabo Wabo Reposado tequila with shaker/lime-squeezer (and maybe a glass, I don’t remember); a bottle of Patron Citronge (a fine orange liqueur); and so as to not neglect the bride, a gift certificate to the best-rated local restaurant.

Not saying that that is great, it was just the best I could think of on a modest budget.

Show up…that is all I do.

[quote]LankyMofo wrote:
If I was spending 10+ grand on a wedding, all I’d want as a gift is money.[/quote]

exactly. I’m getting married in Sept, and cash is king

A good blender / mixxer is always nice…

gift cards to lowes cause lord knows it easy to use…

Gift cards are really the way to go, or see if they have a registry somewhere and go buy something from it since you know they already want it…

A good cordless drill is the bomb for a guy and hay, its not like he wont use it to fix stuff…

A card full of cash. How much depends on the wedding; try and think how much their paying per guest, then at least double it.

ear plugs