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Wedding Cycle


hello to all the people of T-Nation...i know i shouldve prepaired for my wedding a little better but last minute i decided to do a cycle...messed around here and there with as but now i want to make sure it will be done right...

stats 6.0ft 185lbs 14%bf training is consistent 5 times a week weight training...cardio 30 minutes a day...diet is clean for the most part...

i know i shouldve prepaired a little sooner...otherwise my bf wouldve been around 10-11...but it is what it is and im asking for help with post cycle and anti est...

test blend...test decaoonate...105mgs cyp90mgs phenyl prop50mgs propionate 50mg acetate 30mgs...total 325mgs per cc i would like to do 650mgs for the week...so let me know what you think

june 1st to august 24th

650 mgs test blend
500 mgs eq
400 mgs masteron
3iu a day of gintropin
25mg anavar
2.5 femara "i also have nolvadex 20mg...i am undecided on which to use"
post cycle clomid theropy 2 weeks after cycle is over

im having trouble with my post...what should i use for my anti est and my post
let me know what you guys think your opinion matters to me most...


When are you getting married? Why don’t you restructure your cycle layout in the following manner so we can assess it?

W1-?: xxxmg Test blend E3D
W1-?: xxxmg EQ E3D
W1-?: xxxmg masteron ED


Also, tell us your age, cycle experience, and the goal of this cycle.

We will definitely recommend you use the Letro during cycle and the Nolva for PCT. For starters the cycle looks long and recovery may be difficult. You may want to look at HCG and shortening cycle to facilitate recovery for post marital bliss :wink:


im sorry…

w1-10 test blend 325 mgs e3d
w1-10 eq250mgs e3d
w1-10 mast e3d
w1-10 nolva 20mg tabs
w1-4 var 10-20 mgs /day

w13-17 femera 2.5 mgs -5mgs ed
w13-17 clomid pct



Dosages! Its elementary!

(movie reference)


Way, way, way too much Femara (letrozole.) Like by a factor of 7 to 14.

The Anavar is not going to be noticeable at that dose in that cycle. It’s like adding a sip of beer to five shots of vodka.


[quote]OTS1 wrote:

Dosages! Its elementary!

(movie reference)[/quote]

Actually for the steroids he did give the doses in the first post.


ah. Oh well. Movie reference: FAIL