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WEC Drops MW and Light Heavyweight Classes


its an intresting decision and one that will certainly benefit the UFC though wont this weaken the WEC’s total package?

I think that this brings MMA back down to it’s roots, and I’m all for it. I really liked the first couple of UFC’s before weight classes, time limits etc. And I think it made little guys like Royce Gracie, etc, all the more impressive when they would compete against much larger opponents and win.

If we’re talking about MMA asa martial art, and not just a sport, this is a move in the right direction.


Didn’t even bother reading the link did you.

petercook…i dunno what you are talking about.

Good move though. I’d like to see the WEC continue to feature the 145 and under weight classes. Those guys are really great and need a stage.

yeah, i kinda wondered when this would happen. shouldn’t be too big of a deal though, as long as they keep the lower divisons. in all honesty, i think i enjoy watching the WEC more than i do the UFC.

I’d rather see the entire WEC eliminated and those lighter weight divisions brought to the big stage of the UFC to get the attention they deserve.

The title of this thread has been edited it did say

WEC drop middle weight and light heavy weight classes

but hey nevermind. Will be great to see how Filho copes with fighters like Henderson and I would say Silva but Im sure I read some where that they wouldnt fight as they are friends or something on those lines

[quote]Xen Nova wrote:
Didn’t even bother reading the link did you.[/quote]

Why bother doing that when we can just comment at length on things we neither know anything about, nor understand?

A good move.

This had been rumored for a while. I think it’s a great move for both WEC and UFC.

UFC’s middleweight class just got deeper, and WEC can now promote all their great lower-weight fighters w/o having to give slots on their cards to average MW and LHW fighters.

It could also open up spots for 155ers that struggle in the UFC, without Zuffa having to cut them from their contract. A guy like Tommy Speer, who was outclassed in the UFC, could’ve been moved to WEC. See what he can do there and if he proves himself, then bring him back in the fold. If he’s still losing, then you can cut him loose.