WEC 47 from the Arnold Expo

Brian Bowles vs Dominick Cruz
Miguel Torres vs Joseph Benavidez
Jens Pulver vs Javier Vazquez
Deividas TauroseviÄ?ius vs LC Davis
Bart Palaszewski vs Karen Darabedyan

Battle of the little guys.

Bowles by sub
Torres by sub…its gonna be a good fight
Pulver by KO…always will support

dont know much about the other guys or the prelim card but its always fun to watch to smaller guys.

Bowles ko
torres sub
hoping pulver but prolly vasquez sub
dont know im thinking deividas armbar or decision

just got back from the fights. Undercards were great by comparison to main events. 4 of my faves were off, garcia, torres, bowles and pulver. The title fight really shit the bed… but overall was fucking awsome. Check out Pettis’s knockout. I heard it very loud and clear in there. I also ran into mark “hammerd” coleman. He was too drunk to walk.

Met Don Frye at the expo, hes hilarious and is like a huge Tom Sellick that can beat ass. He is apparently hunting, drinking, and breeding horses in his spare time.

Met Thiago Silva too, very humble cool guy

So how did Bowles break his hand? my dvr stopped recording half way through the second round. sure would be nice to see “little evil” go out with a win.