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What do people think of anabolic pharma . net ?




How about these websites

www.anabolic-pharma.com... and




Is anabolic-phrama.com one of the 'wolves in sheeps clothing'? Doesn't look to be(?_)


I have no idea but I'll bump because I'm interested to hear some what some people think.


i smell scam!!!!


It looks like they are offering the real deal. But is it a sting?


Impact Nutrition is a scam.


You know, I just checked out those websites and sure as fuck hope no law enforcement people are on T-Nation seeing that shit...


Do they really care if some John Doe in Georgia is ordering a few hundered bucks worth of Test or 150 bucks worth of D-bol?

If they do I'm fucked =(


Yeah-if it's real, it's certainly not very discreet.


No, but if they come across that website it might be big enough for them to decide to shut down that company.


I wonder if Anthony will weigh in, especially given today's artice (which is very interesting).


Was wondering myself. Both www.anabolicppharma.com and www.anabolic-pharma.com check out for authenticity on the BD website. So does www.anabolic-pharma.net but not www.anabolicpharma.net. You would think the marketing people would come up with more original names for their websites, like Crazy Jimmy's World of Roids for instance.


Excuse my ignorance but what is this website you referred too?




British Dragon. Makers of a lot of the product you will see on the sites mentioned. They have a place on their homepage where you can put a web address in and it verifies them to be an authentic supplier.


Ahh thanks.


I can tell you, just because a website checks out on BD does NOT mean that it is a legit site. It is however one step you should take in the process. On the flip side, there are also some great people out there who do not verify through BD, so who the hell knows!