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Website with nutritious recipes???

Has anyone out there found a website devoted to healthy/nutritious meal recipes? Sure, I eat the Salmon filet, eye of round steak, sardines, eggs, etc… I’m just looking to spice things up a little. The meal planner has become a bit mundane as of late. All suggestions are greatly appreciated.

You kinda answered your own question. Herbs and spices, learn to use them. If give me something specific (style of food,dietary needs, type of protein etc.)and I would be happy to help.

ko, why don’t you just start posting a recipe a month here or something? I know that my own diet has become so repetitive that I’m starting to suffer from food allergies. (Thank god bulking season is alomst upon us - just two more weeks of this…!)

Anyway, here’s what I look for in terms of a recipe: 1: Nutritional profile. 2: Speed of preparation. 3: Ease of preparation. 4: Cost. (Others, especially the younger guys, would probably rank this one higher.) 5: Taste. And (a very distant) 6: Appearance of the meal.

I have been wanting to do that, but I just changed positions at work, and i’m, still adjusting to my new schedule. Once I get in the groove, I will try submitting T-mag.

Appearance? Is all that pretty Japanese food spoiling you?

Yeah I think Char dawg had a great idea. Post some of your tasty but healthy meals. Nothing to advanced because I usually only cook Kraft dinner. Heheh. :slight_smile:

One more thing, I’m pretty good at tweaking recipes to meet dietary needs, so if you have a specific dish that you like, I might be able to “fix” it (within reason, I can’t take the carbs out of pizza or at least not without difficulty)

Yeah, all that purty dressing-up and geometrical arrangement is more or less wasted on me. Sure, it’s colorful - for about five seconds, then it vanishes into my mouth. I have caused several obaachans to faint dead away at how fast their entrees disappear.

Submitting to T-Mag would be great (among other things, you’d get paid), but if that’s too much of a hassle I’d love to have you post something right here.

I’d be interested in some high calorie - Massive eating meals, I find it realy hard to find meals that have 700+ calories in them and still be healthy

Ideas on spicing up lean steak or chicken (preferably for grilling) would be great. I have a tendency to use too much A1 if it’s just plain. Ways to prepare my chicken to combine with healthy carbs. I like to prepare all my meals ahead of time, and have them in containers for easy reheating at work. And at night. Ok, all the time. I can motivate myself to do some serious cooking once or twice a week, but the rest of the time I’m just a lazy bastard.

I’d love to host recipes on the t-mag pix forum. I’ve got a great one for cottage cheese I’ll post, and if anyone else has any recipes, I’d love to see them.

(insert shamless plug) http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tmagpix

Here’s a way to have a few burgers while on Massive Eating (usually they have too much fat). Trader Joe’s lamb-burgers are 230 calories, 40gP/5gC/5gF, so pair it up with a whole-wheat bun and some fruit and you have a P+C meal that could pass for “normal.”