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Has anyone ever heard about this website - it seems well put togather.



garbage site...


Why is it garbage?


I don't know if I'd call it garbage, but God, those prices.


I know people who have ordered through site and never recieved their orders. And not just one person and besdies that the prices are outrageous. That's just my personal opion though. good luck


Thanks to those who have PM websites - it is just alot of $$$ to send so you have to seek advice and try to limit the chance of a burn. any advice helps at this stage


I herd He is a selective scammer. I do know this person is also the owner of about 50% of the sites regaurding steroids. Your first order may be good or short and the next nothin. But don't take my word.
If u decide please let us know how it goes.


i would rather use a reliable mexican source. they are my favorite and have used a few of them for years. good product, reliable, inexpensive...


I ordered British Dragon's Decabol from United Pharmacy and received it in 7 days.

This will be my first time trying the Dragon.

Good luck,



The Dragon's gonna put a smile on your face.


IMO, judging from the prices of that international site and the prices of the UGL site that I ordered my nolva from, this site is outrageous. The prices aren't necessarily a "rip-off", however, almost all international sites have the same setup and offer the same pricing on most of their products. Your best bet is to find a good UGL site.


Gentlemen, the only sites I trust for information are this one and www.drsquat.com
which does not allow discussions re: roids.

Believe it or not roids are non-existent in the gym I go to, even though they are legal here, and since Operation Gear Grinder the legitimate Mexican UGLs are no more. So my sources for information are very limited.

I can still go to Superama and buy the legit stuff made for human consumption but those prices are a huge rip-off. It cost me 20% of what I would have spent in Superama or a pharmacy, even including the ridiculous S&H fee, by buying from United Pharmacy.

I'm not at all married to United Pharmacy, but given the constraints I'm facing I'm willing to pay a bit more not to get ripped off. I checked out one apparently US based UGL and what they were going to charge to ship anything here was insane.

Mexico City


From my understanding, a lot of international website are under the management of the same consortium of people. Hence the price equality.



I'd believe it - look at how similar the site designs are, and how many spelling mistakes they have.

Why doesn't Brit Dragon sell direct?

Mexico City