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Howdy, I keep up a website that’s basically a resource for some of the excellent t-mag articles about diet, training, etc. Mainly for newbies learning, but its also good for veterans i think trying to find good articles or have easy access to them.

Anyways, when i update it or change it (every month or two usually) I like to post it for new members who might know about it. What follows is the link.


Any tips to make it better appreciated, or errors in it that i might have missed. Thanks, hope ya’ll enjoy it.

This, my good sir, is FREAKIN AWESOME.

Way to fucking go.

This should be sticky!!!

Bump for newbies!

Need to add that to the frequently asked ? section for newbies general knowledge.

Good work.

Thanks, glad you like it.

phil -> never thought of the faq. i’ll have to email someone. . . tc maybe or an admin? and see if they would add it on to the faq.

I think maybe i will to tc, maybe he’ll put it in the reader mail as well next week. it was put in there once already maybe a yr ago and i know not everyone reads the forums. since some only read the online ‘issue articles’, more people might see it there.


Awsome job, really, this is great stuff I will be telling my friends about your site for sure.