Website for Upcoming PL Book is Ready

I am pleased to announce that my website to support my upcoming book is ready to go. The website is, you can sign up and get a cool deadlift booklet that visually breaks down the lift step by step. The book will be out in a few months, I am pretty excited with how it is turning out.

Just signed up, very cool!

Very nice looking website…subscribed for sure man.

The free Deadlift pamphlet is one of most simple and straightforward breakdowns of the lift I’ve ever seen, thanks!

Thanks for the feedback guys, I am glad you liked the booklet - that is just a taste for what is to come :slight_smile: I keep you posted as to when the book is available


I’m looking forward to it!

Excellent website! I’ve signed up and will spread the word!


I am happy this appeared on powerliftingwatch today

I just put in the order to make a booklet for each competitive lift like we did with the conventional deads.

Signed up

What kinds of things (blog posts, topics, themes, etc) would you to see covered in the future on the site? Thanks