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Webmaster Fees & Website Admin.

I am thinking about creating a promotional website for my sales career. No , its not going to compete with T-Nation!

I don’t have experience with websites but with a little bit of thought I would be able to think about what I want for the layout and graphics and so on.

How much would the initial creation cost If I wanted to get someobody to make it? What would the usual fees be for keeping it updated and in good health? Thanks.

As far as hosting fees, check the “deluxe package” on this link below, they are average prices and about what you’d need (you may be able to get away with the basic package, but for an extra $3 a month who cares?):

As far as design/upkeep… Prices vary so widely I can’t even guess.

do a quick google search a very nice proffesional site would run you between 75 and 150 bucks.