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Web Site/Fitness Product Bulls**t Flag?


What sets off your bullshit flag?
For me, it is if I see -recently discovered-
-state of the art-
Web page is too glitzy
pop unders with act now or if there is "can only offer this to the first X people"
When it is a 12 week program, just recently finished, but there are already people reporting success stories, and they are other internet hawkers
results photos and the color and lighting is changed drastically
I'm sure this is more.


If I'm reading it on a computer screen, I have my doubts.


What sets off my Bullshit Alarm? The PWI forum. But I'm a sadist, so I keep going back......


I'd agree with biglifter.You have to be very lucky to actually discover some genuine shit online.Luckily I have lately with physique-iq.com.Great site.


Its your age, and the old fuckers in that forum, oil and water, man, oil and water. I am at that age of I have to many other things to get my panties in a bunch about instead of politics. I am sure when I get to be Pushes age I will be in the forum arguing.


I turn 31 in three weeks. That puts me right about the median age in there.


Exactly but it also the responsibility of life. Your a smart funny guy, but I have yet to get that you are married with kids? Correct me if I am wrong. When you have that responsibility it changes your priorities a bit. At your age you have some experience in life not like the 20 year old know it alls but you still dont have othere experiences that will change you.

Anyway I keep forgetting to ask you: who in the fuck is that in your avi?




The first rule of TNation, only put pictures of yourself as your avi


Holy shit. Me too! Well...closer to 4 weeks.


So you are a rock?


That's deep.


Thats OSIRIS, big baby Jesus, OLE DIRTY BASTARD! RIP


That's me in my avi. And politics is the art of controlling your own environment, and by extension your children's. I "get my panties all up in a bunch" over political matters because a) I have a degree in poly sci and history, so I spot bullshit a little bit quicker than most do on that forum (as pretentious as that sounds) b) those people vote and as a result they effect me and my future children, so I use the forum as a way to bring a little realism to people, even if it means only reaching one person a year and c) I'm a junkie for political discussions, plain and simple. That won't change when I have a wife or children.


lol. I used to have one of myself, but I lost a lot of weight after stopping lifting due to a couple of bad mtn bike crash injuries. I took it down because it isn't an accurate representation of me anymore. Anyone who has read some of my more bizarre posts know that my current avi is actually not that far off the mark in terms of representing who I am.


A dead rapper from the slims of shaolin?


Fair enough, I just always look at it as a pointless argument, not judging. yes you are a sadist. but I have enough ink that people say the same thing to me. :slightly_smiling:


VOTING is a way of influencing your environment. Politics is much more bullsh-- than art, and you can't control anything. I can't speak as to your actions in that forum, but most people that are into politics just like to argue. Don't fool yourself into believing that anyone you have a discussion with online is going to be genuinely open about politics when that can hardly ever even happen in person.

But to the OP, like others have said, pretty much everything online is complete bullcrap. Muscle mags aren't any better. Everybody is just trying to make a buck


You mean smart as in box squatting naked and smashing your nuts repeatedly?


I know that MOST people on there are never going to change their minds about anything, despite the veracity of my arguments or anyone else's arguments. But some do. And besides that, I get more out of having MY viewpoints challenged because it forces me to reinforce my own stance or re-evaluate it. When you chop something down, it grows back that much stronger.