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Hi there everybody!

I'm looking into creating a web site for the office, can anybody suggest me a good, how to web site? I have the latest Dreamweaver installed on my PC but have no idea on how to use it!

Thanks for your help!



I have Dreamweaver and just went thru the tutorials and played around. After a few weeks, I had a pretty decent site up. Just work with it. Its a great program once you learn it a little.


A good site for loads of tutorials is www.tutorialized.com.
My day job is in publishing, and we're currently putting a new web design magazine together. If this isn't just a one off, and you want to learn more, send me your address and I'll pop you a copy in the post when it launches (early Dec).

PM me.




For a great site helping you figure out what NOT to do, try http://www.webpagesthatsuck.com/ which is full of usability advice.