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Weather Is All Wack


Lately here in England, UK... Things have been a little weird and I know they have been elsewhere in the world.

Raging fires in Mexico.

Flooding in Mississippi.

Hurricanes etc in Alabama and other states across southern U.S.A.

Forest Fires in Scotland, UK.

These are just the few I personally know of.

My personal story is this.

Over the last few years I have awoke to find unseasonal snow, hot sunny days when it should be raining and most recently frequent bouts of thunder and lightning.

A lot of you may think, well this is 'normal', but normal is relative.

I have only heard/seen thunder and lightning once in the last five years, yet in the last month I have witnessed it on several occasions.

This April has been the hottest on record in the UK usually being mostly a full month of rain (which could explain the lightning).

For the last two years, we have had widespread snow across the country which has been uncommon at least in the last 30 years in Britain.

Also as a last bit of information, our Summer months have become very distorted. Usually having Summer from late June-August it seems to actually be from April-June and then September as a month of last minute sunshine before we get plunged into snow again.

What are your experiences?


Its cold all the time...and then it gets warmer and rainy and then dry. And then it unexplicably gets cold again. It seems to go in 12 month cycles. I can't figure it out either.


12 Month? Wow you can count high.

I actually heard this theory that the weather goes in cycles of years way beyond your lifetime Mr.I Can Count To 12.

Fuckin' Whoo-Peee-Dooo you're so smart!


There is a thing called the farmers almanac and they predicted the weather trends years ago. Look yourself if interested on what the weather will do.


The FA isn't very accurate, KD.

50% at best.


I do like some of the thinking in the FA, a wet year the yellow jackets will build their nest in a tree

What crawled up lifty's ass :slight_smile:


Summer's come early this year.

I'm not complaining!



So the meteorologists of today do better by looking out the window AND look at the pictures of the satellites?

Such hostility IH, what gives? The kitty not getting love at home? ; ) j/k


In which part of the world, we had 6 weeks of extra winter.


here to( norway ) and I am loving it :wink:


Say it. Say, thank you fossil fuels!


hm no, Ephrem can thank me, my country men and the arabs. It is we who pump up the fossil fuels, sell it, make a proffit of it and in turn fucks up the climate, so we in northern europa have a summer-ish spring, while other parts of the world have floods, forestsfires and other unpleasant suprises from mother nature LOL.


Eventhough the weather's nice, when the sea level keeps rising you might have the last laugh. Nearly half of the country is below sea level and a nominal rise in water level promises to be catastrophic.

Thank you fossil fuel!


Beach front property here I come.


Well the weather where I am is right at normal, a slightly wetter year...but not out of the norms.

Keep in mind many weather records were set 50+ years ago.

If the weather really was in a crazy cycle....would not the whole world be affected?


You mean, the beach is coming to you?


Hostile? Not at all.

Just matter of fact.... :slight_smile:


Utah brought this up a few posts ago ^ Why do you suppose the majority of the record level high and low temps were set some odd 100-50 years ago. Then there is those pesky high volumes of water fall, be it through snow and/or rain. Please tell me why new records are NOT being set every single year? Yet the FA predicted the weather patterns many, many years ago. Please inform me. I am honestly asking BTW :o ]


Yeah, that's what i really meant.