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Weather Headaches


My mother has been experiencing sinus headaches when the pressure and temperature drops where she lives. I know some of us get all kinds of aches, pains, and other slight discomfort when the cold rain comes and and the low front moves on in. Although there is some science as to why and how these little hurts get us, I don't know about their treatments, especially to Sinus headaches as my mother been having for a long time.

I asked this question before to some people at my gym and they say aspirin and some Vick's Vapor Rub does the trick. I had her try that and it doesn't seem to work for the headaches. She has seen a doctor a long time ago when this first started happening; her doctor said there is no real cure or treatment.. Just have to wait it out.

Does the cold weather get to anyone else like that or am I describing a medical anomaly?


Maybe she should see another doctor. Sinus headaches can be triggered by a change in barometric pressure, because clogged sinuses may not be able to equalize the change in air pressure. Does she feel the pain in front, around her eyes?

Perhaps it’s not a sinus headache at all, but a migraine. Especially if she is menopausal, her headaches could be triggered by hormones. Also, migraines are known to be triggered by cold weather, regardless of air pressure or humidity.

I get migraines, and they can be brutal, with bad nausea, sometimes vomiting and sensitivity to light and noise.

There is NO need to wait out the pain from any headache, especially if it’s so bad she needs to take a sick day or it interferes with daily life. There are several meds to take for migraine, like sumatriptan, NSAIDS, and Fiorinol or some of the ergotomines.

This is not a medical anomaly. No doctor should ever say “wait it out” just because he can’t make a diagnosis. She needs to see a physician who didn’t graduate last in his medical school class. I hope she feels better soon. You’re a good boy for helping her out.