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Wearing Pants Low

I had a roommate…total scumbag, might I add…who was one of these ultra-low jeans guys. Once, I dropped him off at an ATM while I waited in the car. As he was pressing in his secret code, his pants dropped clean off, down around his ankles. I couldn’t stop laughing, even for weeks…yet he still wore the baggy sinkers. However, I should note, after the ATM incident, he did add a belt to help keep things on. Seriously, though, he always wore boxers, and his pants were riding RIGHT at the lower end of his buttcheeks. How he kept them on more often than he did, even with the belt, is as big a mystery as how Adabisi from Oz kept his tiny beanie on at that freaky angle.

Nah, low pants aint cool! Check out old episodes of Magnum PI and look at how Higgins wore his pants - now thats cool.

I thought the inmates wore 1 piece orange jumpsuits now? Or is that only during transport? Personally i wear my jeans high but I like them to have baggy legs in them, as they give your legs more room to breathe. Doing squats and deadlifts makes that inner thigh get so big that it can put too much pressure on your nutsack when you sit down so the extra room for the thighs that baggy jeans provide is more than welcome. I don’t know how guys wore those tight jeans in the 80s, that shit looks painful. The worst looking jeans in my opinion are the newer ones that aren’t baggy but have a low waist built into them. I thought only women should have those, they don’t look right on men. They also look gay. “Not that there is anything wrong with that.”

I teach in an urban high school. I like to walk up behind the idiots who wear them really low and step on their pant leg (which is already on the ground). The staff thinks it’s really funny when the dorks’ pants fall down.

Baggy pants come from prisons; in particlular the administrative segregation facilities (lockdown for 23 hours a day/7 days a week) where belts are taken away to prevent use as weapons and hanging ropes. Gang members (gangbangers in prison slang) adapted this and started using it in general population. The style was imitated on the streets to imulate the ‘heroes’ in the pen and as a status symbol.

The orange jumpers are used for transport and to identify those who are on some form of restricted priveledges status.

It also does make them easier to capture on the street and run profiles on them.

Personally, due to my association with them from working on the street, jail, and prison, baggies suck…

just my two cents…