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Wearing Pants Low

When I was in school, the cool guys wore their pants low, and the really cool guys wore their pants lower. But nobody wore their pants as low as a lot of guys do today. I?m wondering what brought on the change. I notice there are two subcultures where you see this a lot ? the hip-hop culture, and the skateboarders. I don?t see exactly what the connection is between them ? maybe there?s none, and the phenomenon is coincidental. Or maybe there?s a reason. Anyhow, here are some questions:

1. For guys who wear their pants really REALLY low: Why do you do it? What does it mean to you? How do you think it affects other guys? How do you think it affects girls?

  1. For guys who don?t: What are your thoughts about those who do?

  2. For girls: What do you think about it? Do you like it – or not?

  3. For anyone: Can you refer us to articles, studies or research on wearing pants low?

In a few days I?ll post some thoughts of my own, but I?d rather wait until I hear from others. Meanwhile, I?ll just sign myself (without prejudice) –

If you want to be ‘Ghetto Fabulous’, and are into dating Hood Rats, then sagging Fubu’s is the way to go.

If you are into dating sophisticated women with class, wear trousers that fit you, with a belt! That's my opinion, maybe i'm wrong??

So, are all these guys in plumbing school or something? I think it looks absolutely ridiculous, and maybe that just makes me an old codger. My question is this: What do you do when you have to run (like from the police)?

I will never understand people who wear their pants low. Kids today, unbelievable. I was so much cooler with my ripped up jeans and mullet cut in the 80s!

I heard from a cop its great that the kids of today wear their pants so low and baggy. It makes it easy for them to be captured. You have to lift your pants up in order not to trip lol. Wear some of those shoes with lights in the sole and its even better. Even in darkness they can be found.

I remember my old football coach telling some of the players, those who continued to wearing their pants low during practice, he would tell him that he was embarrased to even be seen by them.

It all started with the beastie boys!

Actually, I think this thing began in prison; lower pants give easier access; maybe they only had say a minute in a hall to do their thing before interuption, so they might be able to save ten seconds by not having to unbuckle or unzip.

If you want to be really “cool”, get a life.

Actually, the trend of wearing your pants low started in prisons. The prisoners aren’t allowed to have belts, so if their pants are to big they sag down below their waste. I know I know, rare and random fact. :slight_smile:

Lance, I think it looks cool, especially when there’s a hint of arse cheek or pubic hair! LOL

I’m with Kayrob on this one - fried, permed hair teased out 18" and my ripped jeans all the way!

Anyway, as far as my opinion on guys and low pants (jeans) - the lowest they should go is slung across the hipbones. That way you get to see the awesome abs and hint of a happy trail (which begs to be licked), but nothing more. Obviously, a well fitted pair of slacks is very nice too. What I find much sexier than wearing your jeans low is having them fit you “normally” and then just having the top button undone (underwear optional). It gives that “I just woke up and threw this on” look - and again, begs to be ripped off and licked. If anyone’s seen George’s ab pic, this is exactly what I mean.

With respect to the hip hop culture it probably stems from gangs, who wear baggy clothing to conceal their weapons or drugs. Since kids and rappers want to be hardcore like the gang-bangers they immitate their style of dress. If baggy pants are worn they are obviously going to sag, so a “the lower the better” mentality evolved, probably perpetuated by the anti-social aspect (i.e. if authority figures tell kids not to wear their pants sagging that is the first thing they will do.) As far as skaters are concerned, it is most likely used as a means to outwardly exhibit themselves as a counter-culture. The trend is probably fueled by the same non-conformist feeling as the wannabe gangsters. Just my 2 cents.

I have heard the same theory, about the style coming from imitating prisoners. Same goes for shoes with no laces, or having them completely undone and loose. No shoelaces in prison either.

I believe the whole trend started from poor kids in the hood, getting hand me downs from their older siblings, or family members. The clothes being too big, would sag, not just pants, but jackets, shirts and what not. When those same kids in the hood started appearing on TV as rappers, or “ballers” more kids saw them and wanted to imitate them.

On a slightly different note when I buy jeans I have to buy the "Extra Baggy" jeans, so they don't get all tight on my legs.

When I went to buy some khakis or dress pants, the classic fit, gave my legs more 'breathing room' then the relaxed or baggy fit. I'm still a little perplexed by that one.

I think it is symbolic of their low IQ’s. Hahahah, just kidding. The skaters get their pants a size or two bigger so the jeans are looser on them, therefore they can do tricks much more easily. Think about it, is it easier to bend your legs with really really tight jeans or really really loose jeans? Not sure about the gang bangers.

I’ve also heard the style comes from prison culture. A loose pair of pants allows the inmate to have anal sex easier. It is easier to get the pants down and up quickly.

Tell this to the next teen you see wearing ridiculously low-riding pants. They usually don’t have a lot to say.

I was a prison gaurd for 2 years. Inmates can have belts, however if one is raped or has a family member die there belts are takin to keep them from hanging themselvs. I’m now a cop and its kinda funny, you can always tell when these guys are gonna run because they start pullin there pants up. I think its retarded but thats just me.

Baggy clothes are good for concealing a can of spray paint, or a fat marker for “writing”. Plus, a relaxed fit begets a relaxed attitude, or something like that. Of course, everyone wants to push the envelope and kids end up with their pants at half-mast. Those crazy kids! It’s that damn music that drives them insane! Of course that’s what they said about the Beatles too (what’s up with those clothes and hair). Someday kids will be into “extreme classical” and 18th century garb. I can’t wait…

I have a good friend who is a Sheriff at the county jail and they don’t allow inmates to wear their pants baggy or low. If someone insists on wearing htem that way, they get the next size smaller … and smaller until they get the point that pants belong around the waist.