Wearing Out an Injection Site, Reducing Absorption?

Hey everybody just got a quick question I’ve been using pretty much the same cycle for the past 10 years this year started a different cycle nandrolone phenylpropionate and testosterone phenylpropionate to take advantage of the fast-acting esters. My question is I’m doing frequent injections in four different sites my delts and my glutes I’m injecting every other day without any issue but I’m guess if it is possible to wear out a site to wear the stuff doesn’t get absorbed anymore or is just muscle muscle

I thought about switching to my quads but I hate injecting in my quads no matter what I use I always get terrible pain and I f****** hate it I just want to make sure I’m not wasting my gear by pending in the same spots over and over I still see results

thanks fellas

You don’t wear out a site, but you might get some scar tissue that makes it difficult to insert the needle. If you cycle, and take time off you should recover. Foam rolling can hep with scar tissue.

Ok appreciate that, I just wanted to make sure