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Wearing Ghettoware After Adolescence?


When I was younger, in high school and middle school. Alot of dudes, wore baggy clothes, in the hip/hop street ware style, from varying qualities. Some big white tees, others, some polos with ball caps to the side.

I always did some pseudo-prep style...now I'm almost completed with college, and wear my work clothes, or nice business casuals clothes to formal and educational atmsopheres...but when I'm hanging out with my cousins, in the past few weeks, I've been wearing white ts, baggy jeans, and white white sneaks, the other day I put on a do-rag.

I'm not black, or living in some kind of ghetto lifestyle where my colleagues where this stuff, but I am latino, and many American Latinos wear this stuff or our own variation.

I was thinkin about it the other day, how it is so wierd to start wearing this stuff now, at 22...I mean it's actually kind of wierd, like it's some sort of rebellion again the fact I'm growing into a full on square.

I don't know any of you wear ghettoware or otherwise change your style up when you become older.

I dress like the dude in this video.


here's me in berut:


You're still a young guy, so I assume it's okay for you to dress like that, but far too many kids these days believe dressing a certain way means they're something.

What I mean by that is, it doesn't make you different just because you dress a certain way. I actually believe it makes you conformist.

I just hope you're not going to be dressing like that when you're 30 years old.


looks like a shit hole.

here's me in France

so don't feel bad


22 is not old!!


bro dress how you want, just dont go wearing the Skinny fag Jeans I see a bunch of kids,adults wearing these days,
Yes Im still in high school 1 year left.

I myself dress with stuff that fits me. M-L t-shirts, nothing big. Trust me Your better off without the baggy stuff. Im more of a Mobster type dressing guy. Black long sleeve shirt rolled up to elbows, White Levi jeans nice belt on always.
throw on a vest every now and then. Not much of ghettoware
at home of course just a white-t and some basketball shorts, but not to go out, except the gym.

but really depends on what your body type is, if your a fat guy with a giant beer belly, then lol go for the baggy stuff


skinny jeans are the enemy.


Word to your mother


I was just business-mafia all the time, and I got tired of it...I'm really into ghetto-ware lately.


thats fine, just dont wear do-rags at age 50 lol!


I instantly stereotype anyone who wears excessively baggy clothing. I.e xxxl shirts when a large would be plenty baggy, and shorts down to their shins. I hate them with a strong passion.

And this is a mix of whites/blacks/latinos so even though I'm somewhat racist, at least I don't limit myself.




Do you know what a do rag is for?

As far as this topic, Hip-hop and urban lifestyle has its own culture. When casual, I dress however I want to, which is based on my surroundings and culture. It may have been some clothing trend to those of you completely outside of that culture, but it wouldn't be strange at all to see someone in their late 30's with a ball cap on and a tank top or jersey in South Houston, TX....and no one here calls that "ghetto-wear".

There is a difference in being real and pretending to be.


I wear my pants below my waist cuz I'm so hoooooood.


yes I do know what it is, has some purposes but must people just wear them to look Gangsta


Also, I wear my sunglasses at night.


one of the dumbest songs ive ever heard, and if you do really wear your pants down below your waste, I hope you find that Butt-Fuck mate your looking 4


I'm so hoood dat Ludacris shoulda been on the original version.


Nah they wear them that low cause they can't get it up any other way. And as for the OP If you have to ask then you obviously feel uncomfortable with what your wearing. Don't be afraid to wear something if you like it. You seem like your dressing to fit in with the people you are around at the moment.


Fleece Johnson would be glad to meet you! if you dont know who he is youtube him.


One of the stupidest looking pieces of fashion the hip-hop culture has brought back from the past and repackaged is denim suit. Add a pair of Timberland boots to the mix and you have complete fashion retardation.