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Wearing a Weight Belt?


I've been going to the gym for a few years now but lately I've been focusing on alot on powerlifting and real intense training through the "sheiko shakes up powerlifting" routine, I love it. So with all the bench, deadlifts, and squats my backs been taking a toll, its sore but I havent thrown it out yet (knock on wood). I was just curious if a weight belt would help my back and my lifting ability and if it would be a investment to buy one.

Also, if yes I should buy one, how much and what kinds are best? I only weight 175 pounds and you can review my maxs under my profile, I don't want to be some tiny fucker in the gym who thinks he needs a weight belt if i dont need one.


You just said it yourself that all the heavy lifting you have been doing is taking a toll on your back, so yes you should wear one. Do you do any lowerback movements besides your squats and DL's?


the program lists for goodmornings but no i don't do them becuase i dont really no how and partly because i dont want to throw out my back


I think good mornings are horrible, too much back flexion. Try hyper extensions.


adding a belt to your last warm up and then the work sets may be good for some people. i think the next time i do a 6-8 week rippetoe i will add a belt to the rear squat.

sounds like you are pretty serious so i hope it isn't taken the wrong way: be sure to address form. i am thinking about the famous bowing of the knees and poor hip drive, etc. that we see.

and more people should do single leg work, as well.

keep up the good work! you can usually count the people who squat and deadlift at the gym with one hand.


Good mornings are horrible? Care to explain yourself?


19 years old, 175 pounds, doing sheikos powerlifting program, maxs are:
squat - 335
deadlift - 320
bench - 275

I hopes that what u meant by explain yourself


Actually, that was directed at Wilmernuts. Should have quoted there, sorry.


GM's are one of the best assistance exercises for improving back squat.
I routine rotate these w/ deep RDL's and hypers. My lower back is bulletproof. I wish I could say the same about my shoulders.


I personally think they are garbage. If you like them then that is your opinion, but I'm entitled to mine own as well. They just don't benefit me, I get a better lower back workout with hyper-extensions. Don't get offended.


my own*


I'm a fan of reverse hypers myself ... throw those in there too


Perhaps you should have said that you don't like them, rather than "good mornings are horrible" then.

GMs can be a very useful exercise, especially for a powerlifter. Just because you didn't have success with them for some reason doesn't mean they're garbage.


If your goal is to get stronger, don't lean on a belt. Do extra core work so that's no longer the weak point of your squat/dead. If you're having back issues it's because you core is too weak to maintain a neutral spine.

There's a reason Boris Sheiko included goodmornings in his programs. They are safe and effective. There's no back flexion in a goodmorning. it's just like a RDL. Thrust the hips back and then forward. Spine maintains the same shape.

From my experience the largest deficiency in the sheiko programs is horizontal pulling. If you don't add some rows or face pulls, etc. shoulder problems may ensue.


Yah i have been getting some shoulder pains lately actually from all the benching I've been doing through this program. I try to work pulling expercies on my off days now but the pain is still normally there, I asumed it was becuase I had dislocated my shoulder about a year ago.