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Wearing a Lifting Belt

I’ve just been using a $20 harbinger 4-inch 2 prong for about a year now and haven’t had any problems. Any belt works once you get it broken in. I wear mine high, just above my belly button on squats and presses. In deadlifts I put the belt on the same way as I would If I was squatting, but the I’ll push the front down some to make it more comfortable. I don’t wear one on bench cuz it messes me up when I try to get my arch set.

I have one of these behemoths and you just have to play around with tightness and position till it clicks. Different placement on all lifts. For rebreathing at bottom deads/long set a bit loser so you can breath and squats have it tight af.

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I just said that is was most likely overpriced from the majority I’ve seen online. I know that the Rogue belts are like 100$. And I assume that if he doesn’t know how to use a belt, he wouldn’t be getting the 280$ SBD belt lol.

I got that all natural belt. Learn how nature gave you a belt to brace your core and amp up your lifts by 100%, in just 6 easy payments of 29.99.

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This is a silly thing you have said.