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Wearing a Lifting Belt

How do you put on a lifting belt correctly? Tips would be much appreciated thanks guys.

I just cover my belly button. Tight enough so a few fingers fit in.

I think it’s just personal preference though…


Try different positions. You may even find you don’t like wearing one. I’ve worn one a few times and hate it. I never wear one

They’re pretty individual, I wear mine a little higher on the DL than the squat but that’s just me. There’s also folks now who are doing their belt around their rib cage for sumo squats. . .

I’ve noticed that as a general trend the slimmer the lifter the tighter the belt is worn, I think largely that’s because bigger lifters are better able to expand into a belt than slimmer lifters.

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I put on my two prong for Squats a bit lower then my belly button so I get some compression across the ASIS and PSIS. Kinda like strongmangoals said leave a little bit of space tightness wise.

After lifting I can’t get it off because it’s a fucking two prong and collapse in the middle of the gym.


Should’ve bought the SBD Belt. Discount code in the description below


I’ve never understood two prong, it’s not like I’ve seen a single prong ever break. Part of the joy of the squat belly is that I put my belt on around my hips then pull it up, once I’m done I just push it down and it’s nice and loose, off it comes.

I think there is technically less give in them in a twisting way but really, they are just a troll to make wearing a belt a PITA

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Nek minute

Three prong belt

Three prong?


Agree with individual preferences above.

My favorite is my 2 1/2 inch single prong from Best Belts. I wear it only for my last/heavy sets and jut under my ribs, and loose enough so I can expand my stomach against it. Even with the single prong there are times I have to struggle to get it off.

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i wear mine a lot lower on squats than I do on deadlifts. So it depends on the lift, and your anatomy and weakness

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Cheers guys

Im just planning to use it for romanian deads, and my last set/ extra rep set of deadlifts.

I personally would not use it on RDL’s or stiff legs, The whole point is to the strength the lower back and that could take away from the stimulus. It all depends on how your using an exercise.

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Cheers for that. I was using rdl as a main lift for a while and saw good strength gains. (Sets of 6 ) but now im focusing on it more as assistance to build muscle. Im now doing front squats as my main leg lift and deadlifts on back day.

I’m on the other side. I hate doing RDLs without a belt. Helps me brace, which helps me engage my lats and hamstrings.

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Honestly I have never done them with a belt. Might try it with a belt and see how things go. Nice little curve to throw in once and a while

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I typically wear mine centered on my belly button for squats, but I have found this is changing as I slowly lose weight.

Bench press I wear it a bit lower.

Press I wear it a bit higher and tighter.

I don’t use a belt for deadlifts at all since it prevents me from getting into proper position. Way more comfortable without it. Probably has something to do with me being a short stocky fatty person. However I have read that using a 2 or 3 inch belt could be an option for me. Might invest in when I get down closer to 200.

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230 lbs person here. I am by no means strong compared to some of these other people compared to my weight. But I use the “train like a freak” suade leather training belt. Was it 120$? Is it most likely over priced and not worth it? Yes to both of those. BUT! I loved the belt.

Also to answer the question, I wear it around right in between my rib cage and hip bone. But it covers my lower abs and my lower back.

Haven’t heard of it but that’s the cheap end for good belts. If $120 is overpriced what about the belts from Titan and SBD going for $200+

Im still using the $40 no name belt I got near when I started lifting.

Next time I go on a online shopping splurge while drunk that SBD belt will be real tempting. The adjustability of a prong belt for when I get fluffy and quick operation of a lever belt.

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