Wearing a 10mm Belt Useful to Me?

I’m interested in buying a 10mm inzer belt with the lever. All I ever wore before was a cheap 24 dollar belt from sports authority and I hated it. I just want to know how much benefit I will get out of this belt. I will only use it for back squats since I rarely dead lift(no dropping weights policy at my school gym). What kind of benefits do you get out of a high quality belt like this? Are you able to progress easier in squats? Right now I squat 250x3. I read Mark ripptoe recommends using a belt after going above 1.25x body weight squats. Would it also let me increase my squat frequency, because it’s my lower back that prevents me from more frequent squatting.

It will help, but

It won’t make you Mr. Olympia.

Well it’s only like $70 so it’s probably a good piece of equipment to have that I can hang onto for life.

I’ve used an Inzer belt for the last 15 years, and it was one of the best investments I ever made. Sturdy as all hell, provides lots of support for heavy squats, deads and overhead pressing, and lasts forever. I’m not sure what thickness it is, but it’s one of those black suede thick ass powerlifting belts with a single prong. It’s held my spine together through some really brutal stuff over the years.


Get one, you won’t be disappointed, it will last a life time and will help to prevent injury when lifting heavy. I got the lever one and love it, it just makes it easier for between sets, especially with the 10mm belts.