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Wear Of the Army Blues (Officer)

Newly commissioned 2LT, attending a military ball in 4 days.

I want to wear my rifle qualification badge. one of my buddies who commissioned with me said that officers don’t wear qualification badges, however the 49th edition of the officers guide clearly shows the badge, along with airborne wings, on either side of the flap over the left breast pocket.

does anyone know the final regulations regarding this?

what uniform are you wearing?

well if its the new service uniform (black jacket, navy blue pants) then it should be in reg to wear your ribbons as normal, (1/4th of an inch above the pocket i believe)

I am not too familiar with Army regs so you might want to ask another JO or a senior enlisted.

Also, i hope its an expert rifle badge. In the Navy commissioned officers wear their rifle/pistol qual ribbons. And if you are in special warfare you better have twin expert ribbons.

ribbons we wear 1/8th of an inch over the pocket. i’m refering to the army qualification badge. yes it’s expert, i feel if i earned any less, as an officer i wouldn’t wear it.

I’m talking about the new army blues uniform. it’s a dark blue top with bright blue bottoms with the gold strip down the leg

i’m not sure in u’re reference to ‘twin’ ribbons, i think u’re confusing navy with army awards.

(army blues is on left)

Good job on getting expert, thats the mindset I respect in Officers. I found an image of a man in dress blues wearing ribbons, I’m sure its ok, gotta bling out that E!

The double E i was referring to was a expert rifle badge and expert pistol badge