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Weapons of mass destruction found


Today in Iraq, the long awaited discovery of weapons were found. The items that were found were a HIT manual, soy protein, a Pritikin diet book, a smith machine, and pink dumbells.


gotdamn it, I knew the man was evil....but THIS!!??


You would be lucky to even find that.....


Why Restless is it all at your house? Or just the pink dumb-bells?


"Why Restless is it all at your house? Or just the pink dumb-bells? "

Very funny....


How is the hatred of the United States going? Hey, we just launched a new nuclear carrier called the Ronald Reagan. Our stock markets have been rallying for months now. We just helped form a new Iraqi Congress. I saw a woman on the leading council. Little girls in Afghanistan are going to school for the first time. saddam is in a cave. Our President is going to give 15 billion dollars of free aid to fight AIDS in Africa. We still give over 60% of the free aid to the world. Our schools educate the elite of other countries. People still risk their life trying to enter our country. Every major crises around the world is still approached with an eye to what the United States feels about it. manuel noriega had his usual breakfast of hard tack and humble pie this morning. The french are still a pretender power. qadaffi is still quiet. Japan is still free. germany and france are also still free and are allowed to make the wrong international choices. Our Founding Fathers' document is still the basis for the longest serving Democratic Government still in existence. We still haven't invaded Canada or Mexico for disagreeing with us. I could go on and on.
Again, how is the hatred of the United States going?


US=GG, It's going just fine, thank you.


I swear, US=GG only sees the "good" things that the US does. It's like tunnel vision or vertigo, but worse.


being a cynical, miserable bastard is not the way to happyness,

so stop acting like one, JWright.
before you get all tangled up
I mean...
I love it when everytime someone says a bad thing about someone else or himself alot of people join in the parade but when someone is proud of something or likes what he sees everyone is so fast to correct him of his vanity.

Im not US=GG fucking lawyer.

flame on.



I'm not cynical or miserable. I find humor in both sides of these political arguments. It's just that every time anything like this comes up, the only thing us=gg talks about is how good the US is, how we've done everything good, everyone loves us, when in fact you can see by some of the other arguers that this isn't the case. It just seems like nothing ever gets to him, even when people, such as the president himself, admit they were wrong.

Don't get me wrong, I love the US and I love living here. I love seeing the US flag every day. I love the national anthem. The only thing I don't love is people who think the government can do no wrong.


"We still haven't invaded Canada or Mexico for disagreeing with us."

I assume this is a joke?


"Japan is still free"????

Huh? When was Japan not free?


Fucking typical!!!!

Someone tries to make a joke and the thread gets hijacked by Restless and US-GG.

Jesus!! Just let everybody have a laugh an stop using everything as an oppurtunity to get on your fucking soapbox!!!