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Weapons of Cash Destruction


What does your cash go, on non essential things ? Cigs ? Booze, crusing about unnecesarily in the car ? Hookers ? Realdolls ? Gambling ? I wanna know.

Call them vices. Don't mention how much you spend on Surge though.


gas, hotels, plane tickets, and miscellaneous travel expenses. I go to as many pro track meets as I can during the spring


Movies, both seeing them in the theater (at least 2 a week) and buying them on DVD.

That, and going out to eat, which is almost always coupled with seeing a movie, as well as at least 1 other time throughout the week.


I love the title of this thread. Maybe I'll think of it as a mantra next time I'm considering some questionable purchase. Thanks!




Rifle Ammunition.


Much of it is bills from a while ago, which are going to be paid off soon.

A large portion is supplements, but with my job, I use a lot of protein powder and bars for meals, so my grocery bill is significantly smaller.

I don't waste money on gas because I have a company van AND a company gas card for my job. (sorry, don't mean to rub it in, :wink:


What don't I spend money on?? Between supps, eating out, and drinking out, there isn't much left.


I put my money in the bank.


When I can get a little extra, its protein powder. If I am good on that, then its booze & cigs to go with the booze.


Throwing knives, roundtrip plane tickets, untrackable cell phones and leather gloves.


Oh, you said NONessential. Sugar free Bubblegum.


SUGARFREE! Are you afraid of losing your abs?


Ever since I gave up cigarettes (which is like sawing off your own leg without painkillers) I would venture to say that beer is my one and only useless expenditure. I sometimes wonder if my supplement bill every month from this site is a pointless expense, but then I say "fuck it" and it stays useful somehow.

If drinking beer keeps me from killing folks at work, is it a pointless expense? Meditate on this, I will.

Um, pocket pussy. Weapon of cash destruction? Not. AstroGlide? Not. Where am I going with this? Take a guess.


Every once in a while I'll take 3 or 4 hundred dollars and go spend it all on some nice new clothes.

Other than that I don't really spend money on a lot of nonessential things.


I live in LA: gas.


And you're a Mets fan?


Just moved here.


New music!

Eating out (not pussy, cause that's free!)

Performance products for my truck!

Renting movies

Supplements that aren't "essentials"


Women. 100% on women. My job is two miles from my house. I drive a Honda Civic, so not an expensive car. All my unnecessary spending is on dating, and women, and finding new women for dating and friendships.

I spend a lot on gadgets as well. I am addicted to every new gadget that comes on the market.