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Wealth of Knowledge

Hi all,
I’m brand new to this site, and am looking for whatever help I can get from out there.

I want to get ripped...but not gain too much more mass doing it. I'm 6'-2", and a measly 85 kilos. (Ideal being 90?)...

Any advice there is out there, in terms of exercises and a weekly regimen, or even just where to look for such info, would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance

Check out Vroom’s “Are you a beginner?” threads. Good stuff.

Um, and change your mindset; add some muscle - that’s pretty darn skinny at your height.


I want to get ripped? What the hell is that supposed to mean? C’mon man there’s an endless supply of noobs out there with this question.

Get more specific with your goals.

Read all you can here. Soak it all in. There’s so much information here, just look for it instead of asking us to answer for you.

Train smart with your goals in mind.

Good luck.