Well, i just started my 2nd two week cycle of MAG 10 and Growth Surge. During the maintaining phase, i noticed my strength went down a little bit. I didn’t lose any muscle mass to my knowledge though. I followed growth surge perfectly, dotted every i and crossed every t. Is this a normal thing to happen inbetween cycles?

I think so… same thing kinda happens to me… might be psychological tho…

Did you use Tribex after the cycle ?? when i use tribex after mag-10, i actually get stronger.

Yup. You have just finished a recovery phase which will allow you to make even further gains from where you were at the end of your first two week Mag10 cycle. You should notice that as you begin your second two week cycle of Mag10, you will regain what little you lost in 2 to 3 days and then begin new growth that will exceed where you left off.

It is pretty normal for me to lose strength during the downtimes between cycles. However, with Mag-10, even after I stop, the strength seems to keep increasing for about 5 days after I stop. I also SIGNIFICANTLY increase the weight up on my routines and reduce the reps when I am on Mag 10. Once the strength gains seem to have peaked, I cut back to a light routine between cycles because my body just can’t handle the high weights for that long of a time. So I really don’t even then worry too much about strength as I consider this to be recovery time before the next Mag 10 cycle.

Thanks guys for replying. Today was my 3rd day of weakness and i was about to put my head throw a window cause i was so pissed. thanks for the support!