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Weakness Poll

Hey just a question, whats everyones dirty meal (C + F) C’mon u bunch of cheaters lets have it! Mine is pollo el fuego pizza from Pizza 73 (salsa chicken jalapenos)oh yeah!

p.s ice cream is off limits.

A number 3 from Mcdonalds and ten piece Mcnuggets.

Pizza- none of that Pizza Hut crap but real New York style Pizza. Being in AZ I’ll take as close as I can get to NY.

Mexican Food- especially burritos but anything will do usually.

kitty cats.

you know…with a little ketchup.

pizza, and lots of it.

hfrogs00, where are you in az, and where do you get your pizza?

I am in Tempe. I get my pizza at Venezias on Mill and Southern. It is the best I have ever found. The Sicilian place in New York I ate at once does not count because that is on a whole other level and it just wouldn’t be fair. I am always in search of great pizza so if you know of any let me know.

Definitely pizza. I can eat one on my own in about 30 minutes. However, my other weakness is the 2/3 lb bacon thickburger from Hardee’s. I know I’m eating about a half pound of pure fat, but I don’t care.

I forgot to mention a huge burger with lots of cheese, some bacon, some carmelized onions or onion strings, some BBQ sauce, and maybe some mushrooms along with the regular burger toppings.

How about a huge omelette with lots of cheese, ham, sausage, bacon, chorizo (optional), chili on top (optional), sour cream on top (optional)

An italian sub with genoa salami, cappocalla(sp?) ham, pepperoni, prosciutto, and italian dressing, and regular sub toppings

Anything from my second mother, Marie Calenders.

I concur with hfrogs on this one. I rarely order out for pizza now becuase when i went to new york i had the chance to eat at Lombardi’s the first pizza place to ever open in America. Needless to say it was fucking awesome and borderline orgasmic. But living in Houston it hard to find a good spot. There are a few I need to check out thpugh that supposedly have the NY style i so dearly love but we’ll see. But what Houston lacks in pizza it makes up for with mexican food. And i’m not talking big resturaunts. Im talking little holes in the wall where they speak little to no english. That shit is primo stuff man. Nothing like a big ass greasy quesadilla filled with cheese and beef with some hot sauce and chips.

Jake you are speaking my language man.

what was the name of the place you ate at in NY hfrogs

NY style pizza is good but Chicago style is the best. I also can’t get enough frozen custard.

Moms cooking!!!

I’ve had Chicago style too from Geno’s East , the best place in chi-town. It’s kind of too much too handle though. If you can have more than 2 pieces you doing pretty good. I had four and event hough my hotel was only like 5 blocks away from the place i took a cab because there was no way i was walking. That pie was fucking huge. That crust had to be like 4-5 inches think at least. I got sausge on the pizza bu they don’t break it up and spread it out evenly like normal pizza places. Genbo’s puts a large disc of sausage about the size of a frisbee on the pie so you get sausage in every bite. I prefer NY pizza because it has subtlies n the pie that are very hard to come by unless you go to a place where they know what they are doing

I have no idea. It was about 9 years ago. All I remember is it was a Sicilian place and I had to point to what I wanted on the menu because they did not speak English. I still dream about that place.

Entenmann’s chocolate covered donuts!

CiCi’s all you can eat pizza buffet. The best 5.95 I’ve ever spent.

I’m from upstate NY, near Quebec. My best/worst is big in QC. Nobody other than our kind or Canadians would hear this and know it isn’t somethin’ actually dirty, but… poutine. Yep- good ole homemade french fries smothered in beef gravy and cheese curds. Good, eh?
Anybody ever had it? Nobody south of Albany NY even calls it that. 3 completely unhealthy foods made even worse as only we farm country folk could.

I’ll eat pizza, ice cream, cheeseburger deluxe, chocolate, pie, donuts whenever i get a chance. I wont go out of my way to get it but if it’s there i will eat it. I don’t like to throw away food that i like. laters pk