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Weakness During the Eccentric


For the past few weeks during training I've noticed that I feel significantly weaker during the eccentric section of a movement than during the cocentric, most notably with biceps, quads, hamstrings and chest.

In the past, lowering the weight would pose no real trouble, but nowadays, I'm more scared about letting the muscle stretch than contracting it against resistance.

Thanks in advance


Don't panic. If you're lifting hard and eating enough, you'll get stronger.

I mean, unless you've developed a medical condition so rare it can only be treated by House and his team at Princeton Plainsboro, this is more a sign of fatigue than a sign that your neurons arn't firing or your muscle-fibers are knotting or you're secretly a government experiment or something.


Or he could be cheating the weight up? Always another possibility. Probably fatigue though.


Not really. I do occasionally have to cheat on the eccentric because of this however. My cocentrics however, are, if not textbook, still very good.


Not really. I find myself cheating on the eccentric though :stuck_out_tongue: My cocentrics are generally done with good form