T Nation

Weakness (alphaSC's Log)


It's time for me to start logging my training for the T-Nation again.

ME Overhead

Warm up
Treadmill 1/2 mile
PCP rolling
Shoulder mobility
Face pulls 1x 20
box jumps

Military Press
Bar x 6 x 2
95 x 5 x 2
135x 5
165x 5
195x 3 Push Press
205x 3
215x 3
225x 1 Weak I wanted 3 only locked out the first one, felt tired and slow. Next Overhead session I'm going 175x 3, 200x 2, 225x ME

Worked in between my presses for sets of 20 with light EFS band.

Pull ups
+ 25lbs x 8
+ 45lbs x 3 good ones and 2 that were dam close

Band pull aparts
3x 20

Bent Row
135x 12 for 2 sets

DB shurgs
120's x 10 for 2 sets

Some lateral raises 2x 12, 2 sets upright rows with 45 plates



Treadmill 30mins

pvc rolling
dynamic warm up
Heavy band shoulder stretches
Static stretches

IR,ER, T's, Y's, Scap stabilization

Ab training

training session from 2/22. Squats and Deads tonight.


Wasn't feeling up to heavy squat and deads.

Warm up
5 min treadmill
pvc rolling
Dynamic lower warm up

bar x 2 x 8
95x 5 x 2
135x 5 x 2
225 x 3
275x 3
315x 3
355x 3
385 x 3 box
405x 3 box
225x 5 x 2 off a box for speed


Pistol squats off 18in box
4 sets of 5 per leg
These are above parallel. I'm limited on good strength training equipment. Just making do with what is at this commercial gym.