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Weakest Guy on Earth, or at Least at First

Starting a training log to record everything I do or perhaps don’t do as well. Might be helpful to say that I’m by all accounts a beginner; I’ve been on Stronglifts for about a month and a half. Most of that has just been working on form with very little weight on the bar (on the advice of my cousin - who is several years my elder in both life and in time under the bar - and many decent sources online).

Haven’t really got to anything challenging yet, but I’m sure that will come by around the time I get to the second or third page of this log, if I’m lucky then maybe I’ll make it to page four, or even page five; but that might be getting ahead of myself.

Anyways, this was the workout from the 14th, of January that is:

Back squat:

5x10 (For some reason the bar I use is 10 and not 20kg, but it makes no difference to me)
5x5x50 - Pretty easy, just getting the knees out and back tight

Bench press:

5x5x30 - ridiculously easy, going to stick my neck out there and move up 5kg.

Bent over row: (I do these with pretty strict form; essentially a Pendlay row but with an underhand grip because it feels more natural; but I digress…)

5x5x30 - Same as bench, onwards and upwards.

Then I did dips for 3x8 (even though I’m pretty weak I can do a few because I’m pretty light), and chins for 3x5 I think.