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Weaker When I Sweat


It was 92 here in Detroit today. Before I went to the gym, I was outside and sweated a whole lot. Anyway, later on, I went to the gym, and I noticed I felt weaker. Everytime I sweat heavily and then go lift, I always feel that way. Happen to any one else?


cough cough dehydration


If you are eating and drinking like you should be all day this shouldn't happen.

Unless you are a diabetic or have other issues....

Now,go away.


. Take some gatorade


It is dehydration - but check this, you're likely to be dehydrated from the day before than the day of.

Also, these days where it's 95 and 90% humidity aren't helping anything, either.


So will drinking more water improve my strength?


x 10 for Dehydration

or it could just be general fatigue from being out in the hot sun. Being in the sun is draining even if you are hydrating properly.


Or maybe you are some form of alien race that loses strength with water loss. Have you ever tested your lifts in a pool?


If you are really sweating a lot make sure to get in adequate salts. Drinking water alone will not be sufficient.


yea dehydration can decrease your sports performance up to 25% or you;ll die. w.e


drink gatorade, it's better.


Improve? No.

Allow you to function properly and thus enabling you to lift to full capacity? Yes.


... like simply being a cranky poorly-conditioned old white dude.




Yeah I always feel weaker when it's hot, (usually about 2 days out of the year here) hence why the Scots are such miserable bastards :slight_smile:


I don't really think it is dehydration, you can drink all the water you want you still only have a certain amount of energy/endurance for physical activity. I assume you were doing something physical due to the excessive sweating, you were prolly just drained from not being used to the sun and adding in more activity. If you do it consistently you will build up a tolerance/capacity for the extra activity and it shouldn't be much of an issue. might have to eat more.


water sucks it really really sucks


Actually my car ran out of gas while I was going to pick up some money. So I had to walk about 2 miles to get the money. Then I had to walk back 2 miles to my car to get the gas can, then I had to walk to the gas station and back to my car. All this in 90+ degree heat. I was sweating like a pig.


Kinda like the aliens in War of the Worlds.
Silly aliens didn't know that the air will kill them.

OP, have you checked the iron in your blood? I'm anemic and the summers kill me. I drink water and only water all day. Dehydration is not my problem. The low iron in my blood is. Anemic people have it worst when it's hot out.
Get some blood tests and in the meantime, eat some red meat.


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