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Weaker to Stronger Variation in a Strength Cycle

I’ve seen the idea of bringing up your weaker squat/deadlift and moving towards your stronger version during a strength cycle.

This seems to have several advantages:

You introduce variation but the movements are still fundamentally similar so there should be strong carry over.

Switching exercises spares the nervous system.

Your training the weaker version which brings up your weak points.

When you make the switch to your stronger version it’ll feel stronger since you’re used to working at a more difficult position. This is probably helpful psychologically as well.

I was wondering if such an idea might be applied to other exercises, example, for the Military Press it might look like:

Dumbbell Sots Press
Seated Snatch Grip Behind the Neck Press
Behind the Neck Press
Dumbbell Military Press
Military Press
PushPress with 120% max, slow military press eccentrics.

Any thoughts?

Great to see someone bring the point! In fact, i have used this method some time ago and with impressive results!

For example:

week 1-2 snatch grip deadlift

week 3-4 clean grip deadlift

week 5-6 snatch grip deadlift

week 7-8 sumo deadlift

I gained 100 pounds on my deadlift in as little as 8 weeks(from 455 to 555). Of course it will not bring you this kind of results each time but it’s an awesome method.

P.S the exemple provided was an alternated periodization not a linear, for a linear simply switch week 3-4 with 5-6.

Keep fighting

Would you also switch training scheme or just the exercises? Nice work.