Weaker on Pull-Ups/Dips After Gaining Bodyweight

Maybe it is only in my head but i eat a lot (clean) little cheat like snicker cookie, and iam happy i continu to get good fat, my body fat 10/12 % but it is more difficult to pull up and dips, i don’t know what happen, a stupid question maybe huhu but it is possible when u take faster weight that the exercice like dips and so on start to be more difficult because u need adaptation ?
even i feel that i need to work my cardio

thx peaceLuv ( [chris_colucci ) merci for the correction, i will try to be carreful

You gain weight, so now you are lifting more weight. You aren’t necessarily getting weaker: you are lifting heavier.


yeah i didn’t see the things like that, it is right, thank man

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