Weaker Erections but Higher Libido Since Starting TRT

Hi guys.

I started TRT in November with T levels at 350. I’m a 36 year old male who weight trains and tries to eat healthy. The main reasons I started were due to fatigue, irritability, constant brain fog that had been present for many years. Also incredibly hard to build muscle mass. Erections were never an issue and always solid (although morning wood was non-existent) and libido was average.

Due to the fact that the NHS would consider my T too high for treatment, added to the fact that I couldn’t afford treatment at a private clinic, I went down the self prescribing root.

After starting at 50mg of test E3D, once my natural T had stopped production this dosage barely increased my overall T at all. I then increased to 75mg E3D which bought my T to 750 but my E2 started to creep up to the mid 40’s. Fatigue and weaker erections set in so I started a low dose of 1/4 Arimidex E3D. I felt clear headed and confident initially but anxiety and ED set in big time. I managed to crash my E2 to 6 in a little over a week.

I stopped the AI but I can’t seem to get to a place where my erections are decent even when masturbating…which is causing major anxiety. It seems that I’m very sensitive to AI’s and can’t break them up into smaller pieces than quarters.

I’m at a stage where I’m considering quitting TRT if my ED doesn’t go away. What’s even more frustrating is that my libido has been sky high but my damn junk won’t work as well as usual. If I do manage to get an erection it’s softer and inevitably lose it in a short space of time. Never had these issues before.

My SHBG is within range but lowish at 23.9. My thyroid checks came back fine. Due to my low SHBG my free T is 21.8 which was flagged as high.

I’ve heard people state that people with lowish SHBG tend to do better at lower doses so this may be an option as I can’t seem to hit the sweet spot with an AI…it tanks my E2 with even small doses. It is genuine Arimidex btw.

I’ve already tried having higher doses of 200mg plus which didn’t help and I really don’t want to have to pin more frequently.

In order to improve the situation I can only see 3 options:

  1. decreasing my dose to 60mg E3D which should put me at around 550 total T and hopefully lower my E2 levels closer to the sweet spot. I’m slightly reluctant to do this as pinning E3D for the slight increase from 350 to 550 leaves me feeling disheartened.

  2. Try 1/4 Arimidex E6D. A quarter every 3 days tanked my E2 but this may be closer to the sweet spot. The issue is of course the half life of the AI and whether my levels will remain stable.

  3. Quitting with a Clomid PCT. My erections will return to normal but obviously this isn’t a desirable option unless there is no other option to improve the issue.

It may just be that higher doses of Test don’t suit me due to my low SHBG but I’m confused, depressed and close to the end of my tether. I really don’t know what to do for the best and really don’t want to come off TRT but if I can’t improve the ED situation I will need to for my own sanity!

Any advice would me amazing as this is no fun.

Throw away the Arimidex. Do 75mg twic a week for 8 weeks and then see if the problems haven’t just gone away on their own. And stop worrying about an E2 “Sweet spot” because there isn’t one. A very small number of guys need E2 control, you are almost certainly not one of them. If it’s still bad at 8 weeks, cut to 70mg twice a week. And stay out of your own head.


This ED is easily correctable, you either need to inject smaller doses more frequently or lower your dosage.

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Great advice. And to be honest you are spot on with that last line- my anxiety has certainly increased and I do think that could be a contributory factor.


Do you think the resultant high free T from guys with low SHBG could be the reason that they tend to do better on lower doses?

I don’t need but 350-400 ng/dL to have good erections and feeling great. You should consider that TRT increases my SHBG from 13->24 and still feel good in these ranges. If I go to far beyond 400, my body functions starts going haywire.

My original low-T numbers were 91 and 119 ng/dL.

It is one reason.

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Too what @hardartery says and have patience.

Alos stop jerking off you are only making it worse. Abstain from masturbating for a long while. Trust me you can do it and it’ll help you focus and you’ll be happier for it. Control the urge my man. Guys always do this. I can’t get 100% erection. Next day “I tried stroking it and it was 75%). 1 week later “Oh my god nothings working” and the next day"I busted a nut yesterday and it wasn’t any better”.

Your body is telling you to rest and recover. The longer I wait for sex the better it is and the harder I get. The more sensitivity and the better the orgasm. I also notice I have more focus and im happier when im not bleeding my brain of those beautiful chemicals that are released during sex. Its like I lose my clarity if I have sex too much. My situation is a bit different, but overall its true. Check out the no-fap movement. Its real and its not normal to be jerking off every time we have the urge or even every other time. Your woman will love you for it .


How long did you try 200 for. Try my suggestion and abstain for a good while and dont touch the dose. Dont make too many changes and you dont need less T. You will need at least high normal Add time to this formula and patience as well. If that doesn’t start helping you can now take another step, but dont over think it .

If you want optimal results you go daily. You could probably TRT 200MG daily and notice the benefit (maybe a little less) but you have to be willing to put in the work to make it happen and not make excuses.

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From my own experience, i have better libido with a higher test reading, but erections go south. If i reduce test level to get erections back, libido goes south.

Seems like some guys need high test for libido, but lower test for erections… like they don’t occur together for some reason. That makes me think it’s an E2 issue.

My thought is to keep your test high enough to where your libido is great, and then use the ai to reduce E2 to where erections come back. SOOO, i’d first let your E2 come back up. THEN use a smaller amount so as to not reduce E2 too far.

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Also this.

Porn and jerking off are seriously not good mentally. You’re reprogramming your mind to become excited for things that really aren’t realistic. THEN, when your girlfriend wants to have sex, you’re not excited cause it’s not the wacky porn themes you’ve been watching.

Cut porn.


Great advice by everyone and much appreciated.

I think I may be one of those guys where higher test results in higher libido but worse erections. I’d actually prefer to have low libido whilst the old chap’s not working properly to be honest.

I have noticed anxiety, particularly in the morning for some reason, has increased along with the test dose.

I’m also going to stop the jacking off. I did go overboard in the first few months with the sudden increase in libido and I think it does need a rest.

I must admit of all of the side effects and things I had to take into consideration when starting this journey, an onset of erection problems would have been the last thing I would have thought would happen.

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Keep us posted.

I think for some, our bodies don’t aromatize the most optimal way we’d like when we’re introducing exogenous testosterone. I too have that lowish SHBG and have issues dialing it in.

I rather use Cialis daily. I get pain when I bring down my e2

Hard to cut porn. I’ll try. I want to stop cause I edge for a while doing it and I don’t want to waste all that time .But I jerk off and can still have sex in the same day.

I actually jerk off live video chat with same sex. It’s like live porn. Maybe thats why it doesn’t affect sex with the wife since porn is not looking at women. Idk. I have a high libido.

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Don’t listen to this guy and any blanket anti AI statements @leesus83

From experimenting with e2 levels, when my e2 is on the lower side (20-30pg) my libido is awesome buy my energy, mood, gym performance are all sub-par. When e2 goes up, libido goes down a bit but everything else gets better. It’s an odd nut I haven’t cracked yet.

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Your body needs the rise and fall of hormones, not this steady and flat hormone profile you get on injections.

If your E2 fluctuated more you would have the best of both worlds.



I’m half tempted to go to androgel. On axiron, i thinkkkkk i recall having a little libido and was able to get up into the 700s TT on it. I just didn’t like the daily aspect of it all.

Also debating trying (first) a 2 week shot protocol again to get more fluctuation.

I tried these two together once, it was the same experience as creams, a short 3 hours of feeling good. This just goes to show you how poorly I absorb topicals, but also how much better the creams are.

Have you tried both the creams and injections at the same time?

I don’t have the ability to get the cream. My dr is somewhat by the book.