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Weaker After Deload


I just finshed a deload of one week. I went ot vaction so I ate badly and I wresled with my cousins a lot and played soccer with them. Although I came back and did rep upper body and I felt stronger but my box squat was weaker. I did dynamic lower body this thursday and today(Sad) I did max effort lower body. I know it is recommended 72 hours but I forgot and worked out but I felt fresh thats why I forgot. Any idea why I had a bad day?


probably because you didn't get enough rest between your ME/DE? you got 1 full day of rest.. thats hardly good if you're not used to it.

just quitting lifting cold turkey doesn't necessarily mean you're going to be stronger a week later..



I still worked out just with a deload type training. Even if you felt fresh? thats the only reason I worked out cause I felt fresh and forgot about not needing to rest.


you were weaker because of a lack of rest between DE/ME not because of the deload.

1 week off shoudnt make you weaker 2 weeks perhaps, at elite levels 2 weeks off can cause a 10% drop in strenght.

lesson, put 72 hours between DE and ME.


thanks for your help.


I have had that happen.

Neurological tricks like peaking and deloading are, in my experience, very hit-or-miss depending on the person or circumstances. The results vary greatly from person to person and so many variables can come into paly like sleep, stress, food, and emotional state.


Well thanks for the advice someone at your strength level and knowelge would even respond to my theard. I am very thankfull. Ya I didn't really eat right during my vacation.