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Weakend Hamstrings From Cold Weather ?

I was unfortunate enough to had to spend a night in pretty cold weather sans the blankets/pillows and matresses; so you can say i was pretty stiff and cuddled (that fetal position) up as i lay on the floor that night

now its been 2 days after that and my hamstrings are really really weak, even bending at the knee (bringing my ankle to my hamstring) i feel a huge strain, as if i was doing heavy ham curls; and if i assume the SLDL position, i feel like both my hams would pop off

note, its not the normal soreness you get after a rough workout (for ref, i dont train hams directly often, just squat and deads for leg work, but i got owned by cold weather ?)

can anyone give me a diagnosis ? ive never had this before and im unsure whats actually wrong / how long itll take to heal :slight_smile:

It sounds like maybe you were shivering or exerting to pull your legs (heels) in all night… ?

or it could be a combination of what happened to me recently

inadequate hamstring flexibility combined with a general lack of stretching combined with an inadequate warm-up in cold weather

be careful and make sure to warm up - you might try sleeping/working out in sweatpants next time - worked for me when I lived in the cold ass Upper Midwest.

good luck and don’t pull that hamstring!

well to update things i hit the gym yesterday regardless, i lowered the rep range and did 5x5 light deads & 5x5 squats instead of the usual 4x6, had a bit of quaking locking out the squats; but nothing caved in

then did some bike work for a bitty and im feeling much better today

im still a lil surprised how shivering pwned my hams, i wonder if itll cause any growth lol