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Weaken the Chest


In the Judo advice thread someone mentioned that to be good at Judo they should weaken the chest. This may be a bit of a paraphrase - but can someone elaborate on that idea?

Fighting Irish? Anyone?


thats BS....you dont need much chest force in Judo? That's hysterical. Its better to be strong everywhere in any sport. Period.

I think the pecs are being recruited during some of this...or something.


It's probably a case of misinterpreted information passed from one source to another source then to another etc etc,fucking the original concept up a little more each time it gets passed.

More likely it was probably something along the lines of The chest being one of the least neccessary groups to develop. I have heard this before, but it's more common from the "functional training" spazzes.


I think he was making an inside joke with one person.


Irish said it.


Maybe you got it backwards?
If you want to be good at judo you should find ways to disable your opponent's chest.
As in, they can't move their arms forward.
Think of an armbar or something.

I guess?


probably has to do with pinning your opponent.


This reminds me of a guy back in school who was kinda beefy and had really large pecs. When I commented on it he said: Oh well, I actually don't work out, I just do a lot of Judo training...


There was a lot of hate going on against the bench press a couple weeks ago and I was makin a joke.

In any grappling sport, the stronger you are the better off you'll be. And neglecting bench presses will probably lead to a muscular imbalance being as you use your pulling muscles so much with grappling.

Although skillwork ALWAYS comes first, I would never suggest weakening any body part, especially the chest for judo. Every try to wrestle with a guy who benches 300 lbs.? Even with no technique, they're hard to deal with.


very true


I was spot on. Ha!