Weak Wrists

I did some hammer curls this week (bad week - I did deadlifts first off).

12.5kg DBs are fine (always have been)

With 15kg my right wrist popped and I felt some pain. Felt like my bones in my wrist shifted.

I stopped. Pain goes away.

No pain afterwards but my wrist now limits what I can hammer curl.

What can I do?!

I have 6" tiny wrists…

Hi, there was a tread about this in the strenght sport section


might give you a few ideas

Doctor, maybe

Same thing here when I do reverse curls, the writs unlock and pop but it’s not painful

[quote]Tex Ag wrote:
Doctor, maybe[/quote]

Hmmm. I’m not injured.

Its just that the wrist fails at a certain weight on hammer curls (I assume since there is high stress on the wrists as opposed to normal EZ or reverse EZ curls).

I can still do chins, normal curls, etc…

Just when I hold the DB as you do for hammer curls - pop!

There’s no therapy I can think of that would apply. I just want to know if anyone else has experienced this and what they did (if anything) to get past it.

Thanks. Probably just answered my own question…

Pain in the arse (or wrist to be more accurate)!