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Weak Wrists/Grip for Deadlifts?


I just starting working out, and today I did the biggest weigth on my deadlifts so far.

I started out with 3x10 @ 50 lb just to get used to the move.

I've been adding 10-20 lbs each week. Today, I did 140lbs (2X45 plates + 2x25 plates)..plus whatever the bar weighs. I think the bar is like 20 lbs at least.

Anyway, that was actually only one set of 5 lifts. By the 5th, I felt like I was going to drop the whole thing. So I took off the 25s and put on 2X15's. That was the only way I felt safe finishing my other two sets.

Is this normal? My hands stay kind of locked in the same position after I put the bar down and I have to kinf of unroll them.

I feel like I can probably do heavier weight, but I'm afraid my wrists will get hurt.

Is there something I can do to help strenghten my wrists or grip to help me lift heavier?



This is a list of grip exercises



A normal bar weighs 45 lbs (20 Kg) which means that 2x45 + 2x25 + bar = 185#.

Just keep trying. As you progress you will find your weak spots, overcome them and then find another. Next time it may be your back, hamstrings, whatever. It's all progress and its all good.

One thing I have done for my grip is rack pulls held for time. Use a slightly higher weight than you are used to for full deadlifts. Set the pins so the bar is 1-2 inches below where it would be at lockout. Pick up the bar and hold until your grip gives out. I use both hand pronated as much as possible to strengthen my grip.



As well as the grip exercises have you tried hanging onto a chinning bar for as long as possible, then pause 20 seconds and get back on and hang. Do that every couple of days with grip work if you like. Make sure you get an exercise free day between sessions, dont want to risk any injuries.

When you deadlift there are options in rep format. You can go continuous, touch and go or rest-pause.

continuous means you control it to a stop at just above ground level and lift back up without setting it down, touch and go means you touch the floor but dont really rest and rest-pause is the same but giving yourself a second or two between each rep, rests the grip slightly - but beware of letting your form go, need to stay tight and not have a rounded back.

There are some proper guides on deadlifting on this site.


Pullups have really helped my grip. Do them wide, then on a flat surface, then close with a false grip. Plus it not only helps your grip but it makes your arms and back bigger. I used to do towel pullups too and that helps grip a lot.