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Weak Triceps = Elbow Tendinitis?

In a previous post of mine I told about tendinitis on my right elbow that hurts a bit when doing biceps curls.

Today,doing triceps,I noticed that my right tricep is a bit weaker than the left one (very strange) .

There might be some connection ? weak triceps -> tendinitis o...

I admit I have been neglecting triceps while I continued working out biceps. Bad mistake maybe ?


Having an overpowering muscle will spell trouble in the long run for the joint around it. Bring your triceps strength up and see if you still have elbow pain.


I have tendo in my left elbow. I keep it at bay by NOT doing exercises like heavy Skullcrushers and heavy reverse curls. I can make the elbow feel better by keeping my forearms strong especially in the reverse wrist curl. There is also a cream designed for tendon repair, found it at the Health Food store. It seemed to work very well, a lot better than Biofreeze or any other product.


What is the name of the cream?


I just tried to post and got cut off, sorry if this doubles up.

The stuff is called Tendon Rescue Gel. Its is made by Peaceful Mountain. If you cant find it near you let me know and I will try and get some for you. I think it ran about $20 but was well worth it.


Found it on Amazon:


Ingredients and (Traditional Uses): a Proprietary Blend of Comfrey (Restores Torn and Damaged Tissue), Arnica Montana (Analgesic and Healing), and Rosemary (Increases Circulation to the Region) in a Water-Based Gel. Inactive Ingredients: Carbomer (Gelling Agent) and Germaben II (Stabilizer).

For best results, use three times daily until tube is empty.

I don't know much about this kind of stuff but I'd have to see it to believe it.


i think ive had what youre talking about before. there have been 2-3 times over the last few years that ive had pain in an elbow. actually, it wasnt even like pain, just kind of a dull nag, but when i needed the strength to be there during a lift, it just wouldnt be there. even during simple things like a triceps pushdown, id be fine, several reps into the set, and then the strength would just be gone.

honestly, i never really did anything for it besides buying a pair of "elbow sleeves"...thats what i call them at least. basically its like an ace bandage that you put your hand through and slip it up onto your elbow. i found that it helped a bit for benching. other triceps movements i basically just gritted my teeth and pushed through, or simply left alone until things felt better.

i would say every response i have read so far to your question could help you in some aspect.


I just personally got back to the gym from being off for 7 weeks. I had some tendonitis that was starting to flare up pretty bad in both elbows. It was tender to the touch.

I havent taken a break from the gym like that in a couple years and it was the best thing for recovery. However be prepared to be weak and sore when you come back. That part sucks.


Thats the stuff! You dont have to use the hole bottle. I use it when I have a flare up. I also wrap the elbow with ace bandages sometimes after applying, it seems to help a little. This gel is the only thing I have found so far to almost knock it out quick. Keep an open mind and use it. Good luck!!!


Ok, well then my biceps are gonna take a couple of weeks off..


For tendonitis or other joint issues, you also might want to give Wobenzyme a whirl. Note that no matter what you "take" to speed along the recovery, that it takes a little bit of time for the "medicine" to work.

When my joints (especially my elbows and triceps tendon) flares up, I take Wobenzyme and that has always seem to work for me.