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Weak Tendons


I continue to damage my muscle tendons. Putting my recovery at 1-4 months. Any suggestions how to avoid such downfalls?


How are you damaging your tendons?? Bad form, too heavy a weight, walking into machines?


Agreed what are you doing. Not dropping the ego and going heavy TOO heavy all the time???


A friend just got me to check out an herb called cissus. Google it. Not a replacement for proper training, but it might help speed your recovery and stave off future re-injury.


There's no way on earth you should be having tendon problems so often...

This has to be due to improper form and going way too heavy I'm assuming?

Medicines for inflammation my help, such as Ibuprohen(sp?) but I wouldn't suggest you start taking these until you look at your form and function.


Yeah, I think my weights need to drop as gradually as my ego. I do go heavy too often. What about glucosamine as a supplement? I read that too much ibuprofen can lead to problems with the kidneys, I don't want to mees with that side effect.


glucosamine is more for joints. Not tendons.


Make sure you do some active stretching befoe you lift. Do a warm up set or two with body weight or an empty bar. It'll get your joints, ligaments, muscles, etc ready for the loads you're about to lift. Lift with good form... don't lift so much that you have to sacrifice form, cuz that's just setting you up for more injuries. Recovery is important, too. Try alternating between hot and cold showers, or if you have a hot tub, alternate between it and a cool shower. If you do any static stretching, be sure to do it after your workout when your muscles/ligaments/tendons are warm.


Good advice. I'll give it a try.


I can't believe anyone lifts without dynamically stretching first. I've been doing this since before I knew a thing about lifting. It just seems natural.